2020 World Solutions Tour

In 2020 Rob is embarking on a World Solutions Tour.
He will be speaking in dozens of countries to inspire and instigate the change that we need to see in the world. He will also be visiting and showcasing solutions to our global environmental issues.
His focus will be on solutions that YOU can adapt NOW as part of the big picture to act locally while rippling out globally. With these solutions you will not need to wait on governments or businesses to change, rather the change will be in your hands, to empower you to to stand strong and be a positive example while chipping away at the big goals. Rob will represent and visit solutions that create positive impact now and are part of the longterm strategy for justice, equality and sustainability for humanity and Earth as a whole.

Rob’s message and work is in service to Earth, humanity and all species. He will not be accepting money for his speaking, but rather 100% of the funds will be donated directly to environmental nonprofits working for a sustainable and just world. Nonprofits will be selected and announced soon. Rob’s goal is to raise a minimum of $40,000 for nonprofits though his speaking. 
Through Rob’s speaking events he educates, inspires and empowers the attendees to take action and be the change they wish to see in the world.
The content of Rob’s main talk for 2020 is:
“You’re just 1 in 7 billion people in a confusing time on Earth. Is it possible for you to make a difference? Is it worth trying? Rob Greenfield’s answer is a resounding yes and he is here to share why you should and how you can be the change you wish to see in the world.”
At each of Rob’s talks their will be local nonprofits present so that attendees can learn about and get involved with local action.
For many, it is a scary time to be alive. Many of us focus only on the problems. Rob is a messenger of solutions. He will visit solutions around the world to share them with you and inspire you to take part. This will be done through videos, writing and photos.
Rob will support and grow these solutions by sharing their stories and explaining how you can get involved. He will share the voices of people, both known and unknown, that need to be heard today.
Want Rob to Come to Your City?
This tour will be largely decided by YOU. If you want Rob to speak in your city, you are invited to make it happen. If you are serious about bringing Rob to your city, event, etc. email [email protected]
See Rob’s speaking page for more information.
Want Rob to showcase a solution?
If you have a solution or solutionary human that you think Rob should visit or a collaboration idea, email: [email protected]

Means of Travel

Rob believes that we must take great measures to create great change. It is certainly an option for him to no longer travel and to live truly simply deep in the woods of his home country. However that would not create the impact that he desires. We live in an era that living in perfect balance is not an option if we are going to shift society.
Rob travels to speak because he believes it is worthwhile with the amount of change that he can effect.
He minimizes flying, by generally only flying to cross oceans or giant expanses of land. On this tour he will fly across the oceans but take trains, buses and cars locally.
Rob has committed to offsetting every flight he ever takes 3 fold. For this tour he will carbon offset all flights 10 fold. He offsets using the Gold Standard which is highest standard on the market and is third party verified.
The offsets he chooses immediately improve quality of life for the receiving people, while playing a part in the bigger picture (more explanation of that to come).
Rob practices transparency with his flying and posts all flights publicly here.
To learn more about how Rob takes responsibility for the environmental impact of traveling click here.


We are currently scheduling Rob’s speaking schedule. Below are a few of the locations Rob will be speaking at. Details are still to be announced.
Nov 2019- Multiple locations Orlando, Florida
Dec 2 2019 – Package Free – New York, New York USA
Jan 4 – Trilogy Sanctuary – San Diego, California USA
Feb 20-24 Envision Festival – Uvita, Costa Rica
March 6-8 – Berlin Travel Festival  – Berlin, Germany
March 14-15 – Good Planet Foundation – Paris, France
March 19-20 – Feeding Liege – Liege, Belgium
May 1-3 – Scapa Fest – Loch Fyne, Scotland
May 6 – Alternatives – London, UK