2020 World Solutions Tour

In a time when many feel disempowered, Rob Greenfield believes that our actions really do matter and that as individuals and communities we have the power improve the world around us. For all of 2020 Rob will be on tour sharing solutions to our current problems, leading solution-based action days, and spreading stories of communities that are standing up for sustainability, truth, equality and justice. 100% of Rob’s speaking honorariums on this tour are donated to indigenous and women led grassroots organizations.


Rob Greenfield is an activist and humanitarian dedicated to leading the way to a more sustainable and just world. His life is an embodiment of Gandhi’s philosophy, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Rob’s method of creating change is to lead by example and live it out loud. Through Rob’s speaking events he educates, inspires and empowers the people attending to take action and be the change they wish to see as well. In each community that Rob visits he will share local organizations with his audience to help them get involved in bettering their community and to help the local movement grow.


Rob will also be visiting and showcasing solutions to our global environmental issues.
His focus will be on solutions that YOU can adapt NOW to act locally while rippling out globally. With these solutions you will not need to wait on governments or businesses to change, rather the change will be in your hands. These examples will empower you to stand strong and be a positive example in your community. Rob will represent and visit solutions that create positive impact now and improve quality of life now while being a part of the longterm strategy for justice, equality and sustainability for humanity and Earth as a whole. He will share the voices of people, both known and unknown, that need to be heard today.


100% of the speaking honorariums for Rob’s talks will be donated directly to indigenous and women led grassroots environmental organizations working for a more sustainable and just world. 
He is grateful to be able to support these powerful human beings who are contributing to a better world for all. Learn about the organizations here!



We are currently scheduling Rob’s speaking events. Below are some of the locations that he will be speaking at. Details are still to be published
Feb 20-24 – Envision Festival – Uvita, Costa Rica
March 6-8 – Berlin Travel Festival  – Berlin, Germany
March 9 – Hanover, Germany
March 10-13 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
March 14-15 – Good Planet Foundation – Paris, France
March 19-20 – Feeding Liege – Liege, Belgium
March 24-25 – Geneva, Switzerland
March 26 – Lausanne, Switzerland
March 27 – Bern, Switzerland
March 28 – Neuchatal, Switzerland
March 29-30 – Zurich, Switzerland
March 31 – Liechtenstein
April 3 – Brno, Czech Republic
April 5 – Bratislava, Slovakia
April 7 – Budapest, Hungary
April 8-9 – Slovenia
April 16-17 – Rehab Republic – Munich, Germany
April 18 – Innsbruck, Austria
April 19 – Graz, Austria
April 20 – Zero Waste Austria – Vienna, Austria
April 27 – Isle of Man, UK
May 1-3 – Scapa FestLoch Fyne, Scotland
May 6 – Alternatives – London, UK
May 7 – Manchester Museum – Manchester, UK
May 8 – Waste Not Bristol – Bristol, UK
May 10 – The Pickwell Foundation – Devon region, UK
May 15-30 – Paris, Bourdeaux, Toulouse, Cahors, France and other cities TB
June 10 – At The Aia – Lecce, Italy
June ? – Athens, Greece
Dates coming for:
India (July – Aug)
Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia (September)
Possibly Australia and New Zealand (October – November)
Hawaii (December?)

Want Rob to Come to Your Community?

This tour is being largely decided by YOU. If you want Rob to speak in your community, you are invited to make it happen.
Email [email protected] for information.

Means of Travel

Rob believes that we must take great measures to create great change. It is certainly an option for him to no longer travel and to live simply deep in the woods of his home country. However that would not create the impact that he feels in needed. We exist in a time that living in perfect balance with Earth is not an option for many of us who want to shift society.
Rob travels internationally to speak because he believes the change he can effect through his speaking is well worth it. 
He minimizes flying, by generally only flying to cross oceans or large expanses of land. On this tour he will fly across the oceans but take trains, buses and cars locally.
Rob has committed to offsetting every flight he ever takes 3 fold. For this tour he will carbon offset all flights 10 fold. He offsets using the Gold Standard which is highest standard of offset and is third party verified.
The offsets he chooses improve quality of life for people through the projects, while playing a part in the bigger picture of our global issues.
Rob practices transparency with his flying and posts all flights publicly here. To learn more about how Rob takes responsibility for the environmental impact of traveling click here.