Toast Ale: Craft Beer Made From Wasted Bread

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Americans love their bread, but they waste millions of pounds of it each year. Most ends up in landfills where it emits methane: a potent green house gas. Americans also love their beer, so Toast Ale has come up with an innovative solution to make a craft beer from bread that would have otherwise gone to waste!

“We have over 200 soup kitchens in New York City but I don’t think that is enough to use all the bread that New York City Produces.” Madi and Devin of Toast Ale have long been stressed by the scale of wasted food. They just brewed a pilot batch in New York with 300 pounds of rescued bread, and are crowdfunding to bring full-scale production to the US by this summer. They plan to rescue 10,000 pounds of bread in their first year and brew 150,000 pints of Toast Ale. 100% of the profits will be donated to charities working to end food waste. Toast Ale believes that saving the environment requires throwing a better party than the people destroying it.

To learn more about Toast Ale, visit their Website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram
Support their crowdfunding campaign to bring this beer to the USA: Indiegogo

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