Solutions Fund Orlando Micro-Grant Program

Rob Greenfield and IDEAS for Us have partnered to launch a micro-grant program to incubate new projects that will have a positive impact in the Orlando, Florida community both environmentally and socially. We are launching the program by offering three micro-grants of $1,000 this spring. Throughout the upcoming years more grants will be offered.

We simply want to make our community a happier, healthier and more sustainable place. We think that empowering our neighbors who have great ideas, but lack the funds to implement them, is one of the greatest ways that we can do this. With dedication and a little ingenuity we know that $1,000 can go a long way in launching a new initiative that can ultimately grow into something very impactful. Along with the micro-grant, the project will also receive advice from Rob Greenfield as well as promotion through social media through a network of over 10 million people. 

Please apply if you are located in the Orlando, Florida area and

-You have an idea that you think can advance sustainability issues within our communities.

-The $1,000 micro-grant will supply you the funds needed entirely to launch the program and get it started.


We are focusing on projects that provide solutions to challenges in food and waste, specifically that relate to the Sustainable Development Goals of 2 Zero Hunger and 12 Responsible Consumption and Production. Click on those links to learn more about those Sustainable Development Goals.

Some programs that our friends have launched that we’d love to see here in Orlando include Boulder Food Rescue- a food rescue program on bicycles and Let Us Compost- a compost program on bicycles.


Click here to apply for a grant. 

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]