My Weekend with Joel Salatin at Polyface Farm

It was my absolute honor to spend the weekend with Joel Salatin at Polyface Farm and to now be able to call Joel a friend.

Many of you know of Joel, The Lunatic Farmer, and already hold him in high regard. Many of you on the other hand don’t realize it, but you do know Joel. He is considered to be the “most famous farmer in the world.” He is one of the main subjects of the documentary “Food Inc.” and of Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

To be honest, over the years I had forgotten that Joel was one of my earliest inspirations. Through Food Inc, other documentaries he’s appeared in, and reading his philosophy and life work through Michael Pollan, he was one of the very first people to wake me up to the dark reality of the food that I was eating. He taught me about factory farming. He taught me that just about very bite I was taking was consuming the planet that I loved. He inspired me to change my food and thus my life. In the last few years I realized he was there over and over at the beginning of my awakening.

Most of the people we see on TV today are entertainers. Joel is indeed an entertainer as well. It is part of his nature. But at the same time he is one of the most genuine humans I’ve spent time with.

The environmental movement is full of green washing, black and white thinking and misinformation. Joel stands out as a beacon who is truly in touch with the intricacies of the human relationship with the earth. He goes deep, deeper than most of us care to go. I find his outlook to be one of the most well-rounded and thoughtful that I’ve come across.

Joel showed me around his farm and shared his knowledge and I walked away surprised with insight that I had never fathomed before. We sat around the table and talked for many hours sharing stories and farm fresh meals along with his lovely partner Theresa.

Joel is not a social media guy but writes almost daily on his website, The Lunatic Farmer, and I highly recommend subscribing to his “Musings from The Lunatic Farmer”.

Joel also wrote a blog about our time together. You can read it here.

Is he weird? Yes.
Is he delightful? Yes.
-Joel Salatin (writing about me).
If even Joel thinks I’m weird, then I know I’m doing things right.