I Compost My Own Poop!

You read that right, I compost my own poop. I live off the grid in a little house in San Diego and I compost my own poop. You might have some questions like:

Is this safe?

Is this stinky?

Haven’t we evolved past having to deal with our own poop?

I’ll let this video do the explaining:


The segments on waste water treatment came from this video. Watch it to learn what happens when you flush a toilet:


The segments on compost toilets in developing nations came from this video. Watch it to learn how compost toilets can help out in developing nations:


Fore more information on composting humanure and a guide on exactly how to do it Read a copy of the Humanure Handbook for free here. And if you want to compost food scraps and yard waste but not poop Here’s my guide to composting at home.