Food Freedom- Growing and Foraging 100% of My Food for a Year

For one year I will grow and forage 100% of my food. That means no grocery stores, no restaurants and not even taking a nibble of a cookie or sip of beer at a party for an entire year. No coffee… no soda or sports drinks… no bread or pasta… no packaged food… no chocolate… no medicine from the pharmacy… You get the picture!

You might imagine me in the countryside living off the land or on a farm. On the contrary, I live in the urban environment of Orlando, Florida, in a 100 square foot tiny house that I built with repurposed materials. With no land of my own, I farm the front yards of people in my neighborhood and share the bounty with them. I take trips to nature to harvest salt from the ocean, coconuts to make coconut oil, wild yams bigger than my head and dozens of other wild foods. I also forage for food all over the city, where people walk by every single day, without ever noticing the abundance around them.

Through this project, I am out to wake people up to the issues with our globalized, industrialized food system and inspire and help them to start growing even just a little bit of their own food. This project isn’t about being self-sufficient. It is about creating community with food sovereignty. While preparing for the project, I launched Gardens for Single Moms, Free Seed Project and Community Fruit Trees. With my team and volunteers we built five gardens for single moms in my neighborhood, sent out 2,000 free organic garden starter kits and planted over 100 community fruit trees in Orlando. I also teach free gardening classes to the people of my community, give out free seeds and plants, and have created a Guide to Gardening for Beginners in Orlando, Florida. For those not in my region who want to learn to grow their own food, I have created this Gardening Guide for Beginners.


Food Freedom began November 11th 2018 and will go until November 11th 2019.

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To see photos of my meals and foods visit: Growing and Foraging 100% of My Food- Documented in Photos.


Food Freedom, the book, will be released by New Society Publishers in summer/ fall 2020. The book is on preorder now. Sign up here for a 20% discount and for occasional updates on the book. 100% of Rob’s proceeds from this book are donated to nonprofits working to make the world a happier healthier place. Learn more here.


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Cover photo by Sierra Ford Photography