– The Database to Find a Forager near you!

Find a Forager!

Brought to you by Rob Greenfield

Along with my team, I am currently creating a database to help you to find a forager near you.

There is a massive number of people who are desiring to connect with the land and learn how they can work with the plants. There are a lot of online resources and books available to begin foraging (and we are creating a guide for this) but I believe the best way to begin foraging is by learning from a knowledgeable forager in your area. Many local foragers are out there, but they can be hard to find for people who have just awakened to this possibility.

This site will serve as a United States and Canada nationwide (and to some extent worldwide) listing of foragers to learn from.

If you are a forager and would like to be added to this database please email [email protected] with the subject line “Find a Forager” and include the following information:

City, State (if USA), Country where you are available for foraging/ where your knowledge is based.
Secondary locations (if you offer classes in other areas besides your primary area)
Website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
Webpage where your classes are listed.
email, phone number if you desire this info to be publicly listed
link to books
Other important resources
Here is an example:
Green Deane
Central Florida, USA
You do not need to be an expert forager, but we are looking to add people who serve as resources to their community to teach foraging. We are especially looking to add foragers who offer classes (whether group or private and whether free or paid) and who offer local information
If you know of foragers who would like to be on this database please submit them via email.
Please also submit books, website, groups, etc. for us to add to our resources.
We hope to have foragers listed from every state across the USA and every province of Canada and to launch the database by May 1st, 2020.
Note: Any forager listed here has not necessarily been verified or endorsed by
Digression is required by you, the potential forager to decide who to go foraging with and to trust.