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This is a table of contents to help you find what you are looking for on this website. Rob has created a large number of resources and guides to help anyone who is interested in living a more happy, healthy, and earth friendly lifestyle. He has also documented his personal life to be an example of positive transformation to help others be the change they wish to see.

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Free Ride on Discovery Channel

Goodfluence Tour (also Goodfluence Tour Sustainability, Goodfluence Tour Sponsors)

Off The Grid Across the USA  (also Off the Grid 1% Initiative)

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Change The World

Share My Way Home

One Way to Cabo

Hawaii on $750

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Trash Me Trash Me FAQ Trash Me in Photos

The Food Waste Fiasco: You Have to See it to Believe it

Freestyle Gardening

Lessons Learned from a Year Without Showering

Stop the Waste. Ask Grocery Stores to #DonateNotDump

The Stamp Stampede

How To Create an Activism Campaign

My Guide to Dumpster Diving

21 Gourmet Dumpster Meals

A Week on the Streets of San Diego

Off The Grid Across the USA Activism
The Dumpster Divers Defense Fund

Nothing New For a Year 2017 — (January 2017 update) — (Spring Update)


Giving Back

Community Fruit Trees

Gardens for Single Moms

The Free Seed Project — Gardening for Beginners Guide — What’s in the Pack?

Live Like Ally Foundation and Rob Greenfield Partnership

Solutions Fund Orlando Micro-Grant Program

My Vows to Donate 90% of My Media Earnings

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1% For The Planet Ambassador

I Must Give All of Myself Now or Risk Not Having Done Enough

Auctioning My Tiny Home

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Jonathan’s Bees- A Tribute to Jonathan Patriarca


Dude Making a Difference Book

Dude Making A Difference

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The Teeny Greeny- Living Off the Grid in a 50 Square Foot Tiny House 

The Teeny Greeny is the Place for Me! – Video Tour 2

Off the Grid in a Tiny House with Rob Greenfield – Video Tour 1

FAQ for My Off the Grid Tiny House Life

The Teeny Greeny Youtube Playlist

The Girlfriend’s Perspective… Off the Grid Tiny House Livin’

SoCal’s Most Water Conscious Resident?

Growing Food in a Desert

I Compost My Own Poop!

Off The Grid Laundry

How to Compost

How to Live a Near Zero Waste Lifestyle

Looking for a Home for My Tiny Home

My Tiny Home is in the News and I Haven’t Even Moved In Yet!

Welcome to My Tiny House!

I’m a Tiny Home Owner and it’s Really Tiny!
Why I Left The Teeny Greeny
All My Possessions at My Off The Grid Tiny House
I’m Auctioning My Tiny Home

We Did It!!! My Tiny House is Now 10 Tiny Houses For The Homeless


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Rob’s YouTube Channel

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Wild Fermentation Video Series

Films that Changed My Life

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How to End The Food Waste Fiasco TEDx Talk

23 of My Favorite Youtube Channels

Off The Grid in a Tiny House Video Series

Rob’s Guest Appearances

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My Near Zero Waste Lifestyle

Stop the Waste. Ask Grocery Stores to #DonateNotDump

Dude Making a Difference in the News

People Are Good / Share My Way Home

Everything You Need to Know About Food Waste in 11 Short Films 


My Personal Life and My Commitments

From Drunk Dude to Dude Making a Difference (my timeline of transformation)

From Clueless Consumer to Real Food Dude

I Vow to Donate 90% of My Media Earnings to the Earth (my commitments and where my media income is donated)

My Financial Vows are Both Big and Tiny (my vows written 04/08/2015)

My Vows (Updated vows as of 07/18/2016)

My Net Worth is… (08/11/2015)

My Net Worth Is… (Updated as of 07/17/2016)

Creative Commons: My Work is For The Greater Good of All

My House Guide to Sustainable, Simple, and Healthy Living

My Personal Guide to Happiness, Health, and Freedom

My Public Will

Taking Responsibility for My Flights

Discovery Channel Flew Me to London for the Weekend. Here’s How I Rationalized the Flight.

On Health Insurance, Age, and Death

My Plans Now That I’m Home Free

My Natural Personal Hygiene

Selling My Car… Bought My Freedom

11 Reasons I Canceled My Credit Cards

Why I Switched to a Local Credit Union

Why I Got Rid of My Cell Phone

Why I Don’t Buy GMOs

The Life of a Barefoot Dude

Why I Got a Vasectomy… at Age 25

13 Reasons Why I No Longer Hate


Guides and Tips for Sustainable, Simple, Happy, Healthy Living

Food: The Planet Friendly Diet (How to eat healthy, ethically, and environmentally friendly)

Water: How to Use Less Water

Energy: How to Use Less Electricity

Waste: How to Live a Near Zero Waste Life

Transportation: How to Reduce Your Impact from Getting Around

Travel: How to Reduce your Impact from Traveling

Consumption: How to Cause Less Destruction when Buying Stuff

Sustainable Living: Sustainable Living Series (a 5 part video series on how to live sustainably)

How to Get Out of Your Routine and Follow Your Dream

My 11-Step Guide on How to Quit a Job that Doesn’t Serve You or the Earth 

How to Overcome the Fear to Live an Earth Friendly Lifestyle

15 Tips to be a Positive Influence on Others

How to Create an Environmental Activism Campaign

How and Where to Sleep for Free

How to Travel the USA For Free (without mooching)

How to Live Off Waste

My Guide to Earth Friendly Laundry

20 Sustainable Businesses You Can Start Today

13 Awesome Things that are Free

Say Bye Bye to Laundry Detergent!

Photographs of People in One Month of Junk Mail (a guide to end your junk mail)

9 Ways to Wipe Your Butt For Free

How to Compost

10 Ways to Raise an Environmentalist (Guest Blog)

10 Easy Ways to Go Green with Kids (Guest Blog)


Food Waste

Food Waste Activism and Dumpster Diving Resource Guide

Solutions to the Food Waste Fiasco

How To Start a Food Rescue Program

How To End Food Waste at Your School

TEDx Talk: How to End The Food Waste Fiasco
Food and Gardening
The Planet Friendly Diet (How to eat healthy, ethically, and environmentally friendly)

Wild Fermentation Video Series

How to Brew Your Own Kombucha

How to Pop Your Own Popcorn

My Guide to Dumpster Diving

Near Zero Waste In a Food Desert

How to Freestyle Garden

How to Grow Food for Free in the City


Eating Healthy on $4/ Day Project

Eating Healthy in a Food Desert in Atlanta

Healthy Eating on $4/Day In a Food Desert. Is It Possible?

Healthy Eating on $4/Day In a Food Desert. Fermenting Begins!

Healthy Eating on $4/Day. 17 Grocery Shopping Tips!

Eating Healthy on $4/Day. Kitchen Supplies

Healthy Eating on $4/Day Update

Healthy Eating on $4/Day. Visiting The Food Marts

Healthy Eating on $4/Day. We Did It!

Near Zero Waste In a Food Desert


Tip Lists for a Happier, Healthier and More Sustainable Life

12 Simple Ways to Start Living an Awesome Earth Friendly Lifestyle Today!

11 Ways to Live Sustainably and Feel Great

12 Undeniable Ways to Better Health

15 Ways to be a Jerk to Earth

10 Things You Should Get Rid of Today!

11 Ways to Stop Destroying the Earth (put bluntly)

11 Tips to Live Happier, Healthier, and Greener in the New Year!


Features and Interviews

See Rob’s YouTube channel and Facebook videos for many more features and interviews of people making the world a better place.

One Year No Plastic

10 Simple Ways to Make Less Trash Each Day

The Off The Grid, Zero Waste and Profitable Permaculture Farm

Safety Tips and Stories from 23 Solo Women Travelers

Mark Boyle’s Books Changed My Life

Join the Refill Revolution

This House Has No Trash Can! #BanTheCan

Follow This Woman’s Journey of Going Moneyless

This Couple Went 6 Months Eating Only Wasted Food

This Woman is Dumpster Diving Her Way Through Her PHD

This Guy is Running 2,500 Miles and Planting 1 Tree For Every Mile

These 3 Women are Traveling Central America Documenting Climate Change


More Blogs

Why I Cut Up my Driver’s License, Social Security Card and Debit Card

Looking for a Backyard for our Tiny House in Orlando

Why Did I Choose to Live in Orlando, Florida?

Stolen Bamboo Bike! Turning a Bad Deed into Good Deeds

Rob Greenfield Europe Tour 2017

30 Days of Trash in Photos

Sample Press Releases for Activism Campaigns

A Letter from a Bearded Man

7 Ways You Can Help Me Make a Difference

You can DESTROY the Earth

The Food Waste Fiasco Tour- San Diego, LA, London, & Toronto

I Must Give All of Myself Now or Risk Not Having Done Enough

Dude Making a Difference News Stories

I Compost My Own Poop!

Announcing Free Ride on Discovery Channel!

Southern California’s Most Water-Conscious Resident?

Growing Food in a Drought

My Thoughts on Veganism… and Why I’m Not Vegan

Dude Making a Difference in the News

Dumpster Diving in Los Angeles!

The Food Waste Fiasco is Coming to Los Angeles!

I am a Mere Blink on the Face of Mother Earth

All My Stuff… Fits on My Bike!

Dumpster Diving San Diego

Arrested for Dumpster Diving for Food? I’ve Got You Covered

Looking for Interns for

#DonateNotDump Campaign Receiving National Media Attention!

My Landlord is Kicking me Out and I’m Excited to Go Home Free!

In My 27th Year I…

Food Waste Fiascos

Dumpster Diving Blows Up Wisconsin Media

This Food is from Where?!

Donating Every Last Dollar to End Food Waste

Does This Stuff Belong in a Dumpster?

Dumpster Diving Across Wisconsin!

Goodfluence Tour – Month 1 in Review

Let’s Get Money Out of Politics!

Caring for Our Earth is Not a Hippy Thing, it’s a Human Thing

Why I Went a Year Without Showering

Want Freedom?

Good News in the USA!

To All that are Passionate About a Cause or Ever May Be

Turning Waste into Food in an Urban Environment

Sharing in The United States: Sharing Economy Websites

Share My Way Home- Memorable Moments of this Weekend in El Salvador

Share My Way Home- The Farm of Life, Costa Rica: The Land of Health and Happiness

Moving into a 6′ x 6′ Closet

Share My Way Home Preview

Update on Share My Way Home!

Share My Way Home- I’m Alive and WELL!

My Craziest Adventure Yet: Share My Way Home

$50 for Good

Humans. Nothing and Everything

Everyday I Cause Harm. But it’s OK

In 2013 I…

Coming Back Home

10 Reasons I am the Weirdo According to My Homeless Friends

Days 1-3 on the Streets

First 24 Hours Living on the Streets

Living a Week on the Streets

Change the World Adventure Day 6: Healthy and Ethical Food Day!

Change the World Adventure Day 5: Educate our Future

Change the World Adventure Day 3: Be Green in a Cloud of Grey

Change the World Adventure Day 2: 12 Ways to Take Back the Human Body

Change the World Adventure Day 1: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The Change the World Adventure Begins!

My Attempt at a Marathon

You Don’t Have to be Gandhi to be the Change

Humans, No More Important than Ants

Change the World Adventure with Rob Greenfield!

Fall is in the Air and the Simple Life at Home Beckons Me

Be the Good

I Haven’t Showered in 6 Months

Flippin’ Pancakes and Talking Conservation at Patagonia in Santa Cruz

Goodness is Everywhere!

Join Me in Stamping Money Out of Politics

The Do Good Tour

This is My Sister Rebecca! And I Love her!

Today is a Monumental Day for Me

I Mean Nothing…

Bamboo Bike was STOLEN!

In My 26th year I…

Life is Hard

I’M COMING HOME San Diego!!!

Food: How I Cycled 4,700 Miles Eating Food from the Earth

The Great Earth Revival

$7 and 7 Hours in Chicago

Live Beyond Yourself

Water: How I Cycled 4700 Miles Using Only 160 Gallons

A Talk with Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry’s

Live Simple. Live Free. Be a Tumbleweed

The Ripple Effect in Effect….

Make it Your Goal to Fail Today


Think You Don’t “Have Time?” Think Again

Simplify Your Life

1% for the Planet