Tips to Positively Use Your Time During Coronavirus Isolation

Hello dear friends,

Many of us are in difficult times with the current situation with coronavirus. My heart and my love goes out to all of you. I am here trying  to be of service, from isolation in France. For a lot of us this is an opportunity to set ourselves on a path of alignment. This is a time when we can align our actions with our beliefs and begin to live the lives that we truly desire and yearn for. Today, I wanted to share my suggestions of how you can use this time wisely to not just make it through this situation but actually come out if it in a better spot. Imagine after this passes being able to look back at this time as the catalyst that launched you forward. Imagine next year looking back and knowing that you are in a better place because of how you spent this time. My hopes is to help some of you achieve that.
Here are some of my top suggestions of how to use this time.

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How to Downsize Your Life

This year I renewed my passport and they sent me back my old passport with ten years of memories and sentimental value. I practice non-materialism and non-ownership and strive to be present in life by owning few possessions. I decided to use this passport as an opportunity to share my tips on how to downsize and simplify your life.

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Alternatives to Toxic Detergents- SmartKlean, Soap Nuts and Biodegradable Soaps

I definitely get dirty A LOT, whether it’s in the garden or just constantly spilling stuff on myself, but as you might have noticed in my photos and videos I also try to keep pretty clean. At the same time, I do my best to keep clean in a way that doesn’t pollute our home.

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Fast Food on the Streets

You’d be surprised at how much food is growing freely all around us. We simply have to open our eyes and look at the world through a new lens. Yes, the following video, Fast Food on the Streets, is filmed in Orlando, Florida, but I’ve traveled to 49 states and 6 continents and can say that food is growing all over! I have foraged from from the Northern colder climates of the Great Lakes region in both the Canada and the United States down to the tip of Florida, from the Atlantic coastal states to the Pacific Ocean of California and deserts and prairies in between. Not to mention countries around the world.

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Rob Greenfield’s Guide to Gardening for Beginners in Orlando, Florida

In December 2017, I moved to Orlando, Florida to set out on my next project- to grow and forage 100% of my food for an entire year. I had never grown any food in Florida, and in reality, had not grown much food in my life. I had a few small raised beds when I lived in San Diego where I grew some veggies, but it wasn’t much food, and I didn’t put too much effort into it. So going from that to producing 100% of my food would be no small feat. And my plan was to start the project just six months after arriving in Florida. That meant I had to learn A LOT about growing in Florida immediately and get growing right away.

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How I built my tiny house for under $1,500 with nearly 100% repurposed materials and near zero waste

How I built my tiny house for under $1,500 using nearly 100% repurposed materials while creating only 30 pounds of trash.

The tiny house movement has caught on like a wildfire over the last decade, and there’s a lot of positivity coming out if it. I’m very excited about tiny houses and see them as a very useful tool in working towards a more sustainable and just world. I lived in a 50 sq. ft. tiny house in San Diego in 2015-2016. I’ve produced videos about tiny houses to spread the movement through my social media. I’ve visited tiny houses around the United States and in a few countries, and I have even been to a tiny house festival. I’ve made friends with the creators of some of the biggest tiny house pages. Now, I’ve built my first tiny house. Needless to say, I really love tiny houses and am very excited about them. And I’ve become fairly knowledgeable on them.

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Free Seed Project Gardening Guide

Welcome to the Free Seed Project!
Now that you have received your seeds, or will be receiving them soon, it’s time to figure out how to turn these seeds into vegetables, herbs and flowers!

(Find out what seeds are in the Free Seed Project pack here)

(NOTE: For beginner gardeners that are not a part of the Free Seed Project, you are still in a good place. This guide is designed to help you start growing food and be successful at it).

Here at the Free Seed Project, we don’t want to just give out free seeds. We want to support you in becoming a successful gardener for yourself and your community.

In this article we have created a resource guide and FAQs to help you. This guide is geared largely toward beginner and first-time gardeners because well, experienced gardeners don’t need our help as much! Our goal with this guide is to get you started successfully and get you past the parts you may be nervous about. We want to empower you and activate you into growing your own food and sharing it with your community. And once your confidence level has risen and you feel like you’ve got the hang of it, we’re confident that you can figure out the rest!

So again, this guide focuses on the basics of growing food and provides a general rule of thumb with ideas. We believe we’ve covered mostly everything here to get you past the hard parts.

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Rob Greenfield’s Simple Sustainable Apartment

Want to see what my life was like 3 years ago when I still lived in a “normal apartment”?
I think many of you may find this more relatable and achievable than living in a tiny house or with just 111 possessions so I’m really excited to share this with you!

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