How High School Student, Ella Diamond, Took Action to Reduce Food Waste in Her Community

Guest blog by Ella Diamond of Food Waste 4 Thought

Have you ever tossed out a mushy, old head of lettuce, thinking that it’ll break down
within a few days or a week? It’s only lettuce, you think to yourself. It’s natural, so it must not
take too long to decompose. Shockingly, landfill excavations have found instances of it taking 25 entire years for a head of lettuce to decompose! When food gets dumped in landfills, it tries to break down, but it doesn’t have the available oxygen, causing it not only to remain intact, but also to release methane gas
into the atmosphere. This greenhouse gas, more potent than carbon dioxide, makes food
waste a main contributor to climate change as it accounts for the largest source of municipal
waste in landfills. Meanwhile, a staggering one third of food produced worldwide is wasted when this
food could be feeding all of the world’s food insecure individuals.

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First Daughter and the Black Snake Documentary Review

In the times we live in today, it can be extremely daunting and challenging just to stand up for basic human and environmental rights. Standing up to giant corporations can seem like an almost impossible task. It’s easy to get really down about the state of the world.

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Dubuque Iowa: Day 49

06/07 (Day 49)

I woke up feeling quite refreshed to the sound of Shannon and Richard in the kitchen talking about whether or not I could eat their local organic eggs if they cooked them for me. I slept for a solid eight hours and I slept in a bit. When I went outside I found the sun peaking over the trees and blue sky was in sight. I spent the morning in their lovely house taking my time as I prepared for the day of biking. It was very pleasant morning and the enjoyable meaningful conversations from yesterday continued on with these intelligent people. They showed me all the wonderful food they are growing in their yard including lemons, strawberries, blueberries, and a handful of different types of herbs. They really live a life to admire here in Mount Vernon. The only problem with the morning was Mr. Jones, the dog, who insisted on disrupting my peace all morning as he tried to get at my food. Man having pets sure is a lot of work and it has taken away so much freedom from many of my friends that have them.

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Arrived in Iowa City: Day 48

06/06 (Day 48)

I woke up at 6:00 exhausted and definitely did not want to get out of bed. I had no choice though as Dan wanted to lock up the house when he left for work. I was out at 6:30 and it was a bit chilly but the sun was shining and I felt really good about that. I went for a morning stroll and hit the road at 8:00. 

The sun peaked out from the clouds from time to time as I biked but was mostly hidden behind the clouds. It was thirty miles to Iowa City from Williamsburg and since I started my day at 8:00 I figured I would make it there at 11:00. I traveled on the small farm road and had a pretty pleasant morning. I was blessed to see a calf that had just been born within a few hours. The placenta was still hanging from the mom and the baby was trembling on its shaky legs as it took its first suckles from the moms utters. The mom licked the calf with affection and protected the calf from my view.

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Facebook Friending the Local Police: Days 44 and 45

Day 44 (06/02)

I awoke to a cold and gloomy morning and I felt the same way on the inside. I had gotten close to twelve hours of sleep but was still exhausted when I finally got out of bed at 9:00. I was feeling depressed and the lack of sun to charge my cell phone and laptop had me feeling extradown. I spent some time in the morning stretching and took a short walk around the neighborhood to give my mind some time to wake up. I found a breakfast of yogurt and bagels while I was out and about. I find it quite amazing that I can wake up any morning and go outside and find myself a good free breakfast from the waste of other human beings. 

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