Going in Circles: Day 5

Somehow I’ve managed to swear only once on this trip and it wasn’t even today. This morning seem like a week ago but I’ll try to recall. We woke up in Beesh’s backyard just after sunrise and after spending time diddling with my stuff for an hour or so trying to get it organized we managed to get out of there around 8:30. Not until after planting a few seed bombs full of native California¬†flowers and chowing down about a half dozen oranges from the tree in his yard. It was a hot morning riding over to Sacramento from Davis and I was feeling a bit sluggish. The capital city was gorgeous though. It was so refreshing to pull into town and there were bikers happily pedaling along in every direction.

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Long Day: Day 4

Today (4/23/2013) was a grueling adventure. After cycling from Napa, we climbed an unexpected mini mountain for hours. Every time we went down hill for 3 or 4 miles we were met with an hour + long climb shortly after. We didn’t see it coming at all.

Food consisted of more honey, greens at the farm, California avocados and kiwis, a score from a farm stand with locally grown oranges and grapefruits, a caterpillar, and of course more raw eggs straight from the chicken.

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Trapped in San Francisco: Days 1 & 2

Day 1:Rob Greenfield Stuck in San Francisco

Today was riddled with challenges but it was fun and rewarding and I’m happy. The morning was spent finding a natural source for water. We found one and due to major bike problems it took 2.5 hours to accomplish the mission of filling up my 3 gallon jug. It was really cool to use the water filter to create my own pure water from a little lake in Oakland. Meghan stocked us up with locally produced olive oil, honey, rice, beans, and produce from the Berkeley market. And much the of the day was spent going through gear getting rid of things that were not needed and prepping for the trip. By 4:00, way behind schedule, we finally headed into San Francisco to our official launch point, in Civic Center Park.

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The Off the Grid Across the USA Adventure

Off the Grid Across America by Greenfield Adventures

Cycling coast to coast for sustainability

Cycling 4,500 miles across the USA, that’s the easy part. So what’s the hard part? How about doing it completely off the grid? For three months, adventurer Rob Greenfield will be showing and inspiring Americans how to live sustainably and decrease their environmental impact. He will be

-using electricity generated by portable alternative energy devices

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