I’M COMING HOME San Diego!!!

I have not missed you over the last 4 months because I’ve been living in the present. I haven’t yearned for you because I’ve been swimming in beautiful rivers and lakes all over the United States. I haven’t thought too much about you because I’ve been out riding my bike all over the country. I haven’t needed you because I am at home anywhere and everywhere I go. I’ve been too busy waking the United States of America up to think about you.

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Food: How I cycled 4700 miles eating food from the Earth

Food (2 of 12)

4,700 miles of riding over 104 days eating food from the earth (plus a whole bunch from the dumpster).

The goal: To cross the USA by bicycle while keeping my carbon footprint from food consumption to an extreme minimum.

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The Great Earth Revival

We live in an interesting time, an exciting time. We live in an era where we just may witness the survival or the extinction of the human race. We are destroying the natural world much faster than it can heal itself. We are aware of our destruction, but most humans are just too lazy to do what needs to be done. Most of us are too lazy to think past our own little lives. Billions of humans deny or completely avoid the fact that they are destroying the environment. Maybe that’s a way of self protection, a way to feel okay about their lives. Maybe it’s feeling helpless and hopeless, like their actions don’t count.

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Rob Greenfield in Field

Live Beyond Yourself

Start living beyond yourself. Start living a life of health and happiness for the earth, your community, humankind, and you.

United States of America, there was a time when it could be all about us. There was a time when we didn’t have to worry about what was going on in the other countries around the world. That time is over. That time is long gone. The reason? We have created so many problems around the world in so many countries that we have a responsibility to fix those problems.

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Rob Greenfield Water

Water: How I Cycled 4700 Miles Using Only 160 Gallons

I crossed the United States by bicycle using only 160 gallons of water and almost every last drop came from natural sources or water that was going to waste. That is less than 2 gallons per day. Actually, that is an understatement. 3,000 miles would have gotten me across the country, but I rode 4,700 miles on 160 gallons of water. I crossed the United States without turning on a faucet on the grid, without taking a shower, without washing my clothes in a washing machine, without using a toilet, and without washing my hands in a sink. I practiced water conservation to the extreme for the first 4,100 miles until I arrived in NYC and at that point, since I had officially crossed the country, I lightened up a bit, but just a little bit (as in I started to use the occasional toilet and a turned on a few faucets).

Here’s the story of my water usage.

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A Talk with Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry’s

I just got off the phone with a fellow green Greenfield. The one and only Jerry Greenfield, as in Jerry from Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream.

We are not related, but we were both excited to be speaking to a fellow Greenfield. When I told him about some of the impacts that have been made by my eco-journey across the United States and he said, “I am so proud to be a Greenfield. I am bursting with pride and joy. This is fantastic.”

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Make it your goal to fail today.

Nobody is perfect. In fact, perfection would likely be an imperfection in most people’s mind. So next time you have a desire to try something but are scared, just do it! You won’t be perfect. You probably won’t even be good, but you’ll get good if you accept that you are not and work at it. Or maybe you’ll just try it once, gain some experience, and have fun. Realize that it’s ok to be imperfect and you will free up your mind and spirit.

To succeed you must fail. And to achieve great success you will probably have many failures to get there. No matter what you are doing, from rock climbing, to writing, to photography, to building a business. The best rock climbers have fallen off the most rocks. The best photographers have taken the most crappy photos.

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