Barefoot for Sustainability

Barefootin’ 4 Sustainability

I’m cycling barefoot on my bamboo bike from Denver to Kansas City.


To raise some dolla dolla bills ya’ll. For sustainability that is! Let’s join together to create a healthier happier planet! I am raising money for 1% for the Planet grass-root organizations that will truly make the world a better place with your mo

What can you do?

Pledge for each barefoot mile that I pedal between Denver and Kansas City. This leg of the adventure, Off the Grid Across the USA, spans approximately 600 miles and the goal is to do the whole distance barefoot.

Put your pledge below or if you’re a shy guy email it to [email protected]

When I arrive in Kansas City I’ll post the number of barefoot miles I pedaled so you can make your donation.


Example pledges if I do the whole distance barefoot:

$.01 per mile = $6

$.05 per mile = $30

$.10 per mile = $60

$.25 per mile = $150

$.50 per mile = $300

$1.00 per mile = $600

$100 per mile = $60,000

Donations are tax deductible and will go to my the 501c-3 non-profit sponsor GITC and will be distributed amongst 9 non-profits all that focus on different areas of sustainability including alternative energy, bike advocacy, local organic food, clean water, reduce-reuse-recycle, and eco-sustainability through music.

Learn more about the non-profits HEREGuitars In The ClassroomBelow the SurfaceCommunity CyclesSolar SisterReuse AllianceiobySurfrider Foundation San Diego ChapterWorldbikeGrowing Power

Even if it’s just .01 cents per mile go ahead and pledge and spread the word that we’re creating a happier healthier planet by sharing this photo! Together we can make a difference!

This adventure is now a book! Dude Making a Difference is the exciting and inspirational story of my bike ride across the USA on a bamboo bike. Go to to get a copy or learn more about it. 100% of my proceeds are donated to environmental grassroots nonprofits!