Tips to Positively Use Your Time During Coronavirus Isolation

Hello dear friends,

Many of us are in difficult times with the current situation with coronavirus. My heart and my love goes out to all of you. I am here trying  to be of service, from isolation in France. For a lot of us this is an opportunity to set ourselves on a path of alignment. This is a time when we can align our actions with our beliefs and begin to live the lives that we truly desire and yearn for. Today, I wanted to share my suggestions of how you can use this time wisely to not just make it through this situation but actually come out if it in a better spot. Imagine after this passes being able to look back at this time as the catalyst that launched you forward. Imagine next year looking back and knowing that you are in a better place because of how you spent this time. My hopes is to help some of you achieve that.
Here are some of my top suggestions of how to use this time.

Read More – The Database to Find a Forager near you!

Find a Forager!

Brought to you by Rob Greenfield

Along with my team, I am currently creating a database to help you to find a forager near you.

There is a massive number of people who are desiring to connect with the land and learn how they can work with the plants. There are a lot of online resources and books available to begin foraging (and we are creating a guide for this) but I believe the best way to begin foraging is by learning from a knowledgeable forager in your area. Many local foragers are out there, but they can be hard to find for people who have just awakened to this possibility.

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World Solutions Tour Update

Hello to you all from Amsterdam,
The situation has been changing quite drastically here since I updated just 24 hours ago.
The WHO has called Europe the centre of a pandemic and I’m right here in it. I arrived last week as part of my World Solutions Tour and each day the situation has changed. Just last night I hosted a lovely event here in the Netherlands and when I arrived in Berlin last week this virus seemed barely an issue here. Today, I am writing to let you know that all of my events scheduled up until April 8th are postponed to a later date or canceled. This includes The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. It is not unlikely that Slovenia, Germany and Austria in April will be postponed or canceled as well (UPDATE March 17th: all events up to April 22nd are now postponed or canceled). Many of these events were canceled due to government restrictions and others I am personally choosing now to postpone or cancel. As of now my plans for UK and France in April and May are still intact but time will tell. I am not furthering my plans for India, Asia, Australia and New Zealand for at least a couple weeks as I monitor the situation.
I am sad that I may not get to meet so many of you wonderful humans who support me dearly and for the hundreds of hours of work that will not come to fruition. But I’m embracing the situation.

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My 44 Possessions: Everything I Own Fits in My Backpack

I have simplified my life down to just 44 possessions. Everything I own is sitting in front of me in this photo.

The possessions I do have serve a purpose, allowing me to live simply and sustainably, meeting my basic needs and helping me to inspire others to live in harmony with our earth, our global humanity and all species.

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World Solutions Tour Recipients

100% of Rob’s speaking honorariums for 2020 are being donated to indigenous and women led grassroots environmental organizations. He is grateful to be able to support these powerful human beings who are contributing to a better world for all.
Here are some of the amazing organizations, with more to come. We encourage you to learn about these organizations and support the ones that you feel called to.

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2020 World Solutions Tour

Due to the current situation with coronavirus many all of Rob’s events up to April 22nd have been postponed or canceled. Some of the events will be rescheduled. This website will be updated with details as they come. Please check back in for updates. We will wait to see how the situation unfolds in the weeks to come before rescheduling events.
It’s possible that events later in April and May will be canceled or postponed as well.
See also the schedule below for information on which events have been postponed or canceled.
In a time when many feel disempowered, Rob Greenfield believes that our actions really do matter and that as individuals and communities we have the power improve the world around us. For all of 2020 Rob will be on tour sharing solutions to our current problems, leading solution-based action days, and spreading stories of communities that are standing up for sustainability, truth, equality and justice. 100% of Rob’s speaking honorariums on this tour are donated to indigenous and women led grassroots organizations.

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Food Freedom Day 267 Health Followup

Hello everyone!
I truly appreciate all of your responses and concerns and feel that you deserve a response. I also feel that I need to clear some things up.
First, I don’t make important and longterm life decisions in a matter of days, weeks or even months. I make these decisions based on years of intentional thinking. I have written on my acceptance of death and my impermanence many times over the last five years. My blog “On health insurance, age and death” published in 2015 is a worthwhile read on this topic.

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Growing and Foraging 100% of my Food – Documented in Photos

When I decided I was going to grow and forage 100% of my food for a year, I really didn’t know what my meals were going to be like. I barely even had any practice with growing or foraging food! My first step was to figure out what grew well and what I could abundantly harvest from my surroundings to meet my basic needs. I had to figure out the calories, nutrients, vitamins, fats, proteins… you name it.

Today is day 210 of my yearlong project and I’m here right now to show you what I’ve been eating. I’m well over half way into the year and have had hundreds of hours in the kitchen to share with you. In this blog I focus on my most common meals and the staple foods that I depend on to create them. I have grown over 100 foods and foraged over 80 foods to date. While this blog certainly doesn’t cover it all, it will give you a really good idea of what my meals have been looking like.
If you want to see my daily log of what I’m eating you can find that here and if you’d like to see a list of each food that I’ve grown and foraged you can see that here.

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