After graduating from school, one of the first aspirations of bright-eyed, young adventurers is to travel. Rob Greenfield was no different, and after obtaining his diploma in 2009, he set out to explore the world.

Rob searched for remote islands where no other human was in sight – and especially sought company from people of diverse ethnic backgrounds. 

His eye-opening experience allowed him to explore and form relations with people from various cultures, including SE Asia, Africa, and Europe. He spent most of his time in the jungle, but urban adventures also afforded him opportunity to partake in a different scope of life during the 5-month journey.

On Rob’s Shutterfly blog, you can view hundreds of pictures he captured while on his incredible adventures. A brief amount of what he experienced follows:

Around the World with Rob Greenfield

 Trekking in Komodo National Park among Komodo Dragons.


Around the World

 Snorkeling in a remote part of Sulawesi, Indonesia

Around the world2

 A Muslim wedding Rob was invited to from his Couchsurfing host in Makassar, Indonesia.

Around the world3

 Sunrise over Lake Victoria, Kenya

Rob left his homeland of Wisconsin on January 14, 2010 to see the world. He stopped in Japan first and then in Bali where he quickly fled to the East to reach a more remote island with pristine land and true local company. After several adventures through Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia, he flew from South East Asia to Africa and fell in love with the land and people of Kenya.

From Africa, Rob headed to Europe, where he spent time in the Netherlands, England, and Sweden.

Highlights of this trip included: days of solitude and contemplation in the jungles of Borneo, trekking among Komodo dragons in several National Parks, cruising remote areas of Thailand on a motorbike, exploring self-guided safaris through the wild-bush of Kenya, camping in the eternal daylight of Northern Sweden, and working with children throughout the adventure.

This epic “Around the World Tour” was one of Rob Greenfield’s first adventures, and the diversity and the beauty of the Earth was unveiled to him.

“Through my travels I have gained an appreciation for how truly diverse and immense this world is and I have never been more inspired in my life. I intend on seeing more of this immense world than most people care to and I won’t be doing this through tourist groups or by frequenting popular tourist attractions. I will be immersing myself in local cultures and spending time in solitude truly appreciating the wilderness that this great world has to offer. Through these travels I hope to inspire and educate the people I meet along the way, the people following me at home, and myself.” – Rob Greenfield

If all people could dare to venture beyond their comfort zone and invite in change, the world would indeed be a different place.

We can all do this in little ways by striving to be better individuals, and it begins by choosing to make your own life and planet a better place. Let Greenfield’s example inspire you, but live the dream you’ve always sought to.

In Nairobi, Kenya feeding some monkeys.

In Nairobi, Kenya feeding some monkeys.

Rob’s entire documented journey and photos can be found here.