2020 World Solutions Tour

Announcing my next big plans!
In 2020 I am going on a World Solutions Tour.
I will be speaking in dozens of countries to inspire and instigate change that we need to see in the world. I will also be visiting and showcasing many solutions to our global environmental issues.
My focus will be on solutions that YOU can adapt NOW as part of the big picture to act locally while rippling out globally. With these solutions you will not need to wait on governments or businesses to change, rather the change will be in your hands, to empower you to to stand strong and be a positive example while chipping away at the big goals.
I will represent and visit solutions that create positive impact now and are part of the longterm strategy for justice, equality, and sustainability for humanity and Earth as a whole.

I have tasks at hand to accomplish before 2020 but I am announcing this now as I am in the planning and information gathering stages. This tour will be largely decided by YOU. If you want me to speak in your city, you are invited to make it happen.
This tour is not about money. This tour is about change. This tour is about using my life to have the greatest impact I can. That I will decide which opportunities to take.
If you are serious about bringing me to your city, event, etc. email [email protected]
If you have a solution or solutionary human that you think I should visit or a collaboration idea email: [email protected]
Details will be posted on this page as they are decided.
I look forward to a hug with many of you in the year to come.