Every City on the Ocean Should Have a Fleet of Trash Skimmers

Every major city has garbage pickup and streets cleaners, but what about for the oceans, lakes, and rivers? Meet the man who wants every city to have a trash skimmer.

Our oceans are filling up with trash, and we need a variety of solutions to tackle the problem. Eric Dieters catches the trash from cities before it floats out to the ocean where it becomes much harder to clean up. The trash skimmer is designed to be efficient and cost effective for use in marinas and harbors, and provide a buffer between the bays and the ocean. But Eric knows trash skimmers are only part of the solution. We need to stop trash at the source.
So what can you do to help?
• Ditch bottled water and carry a reusable bottle
• Use a reusable shopping bag and say goodbye to plastic bags
• Say no to single-use plastics like straws, cups, and utensils
• Buy unpackaged food
• Repair and reuse stuff instead of throwing it away or buying more