The ReCyclery Community Cycling Center

Welcome to the ReCyclery, a community cycling center empowering people to live a more active lifestyle. For 10 years, they have been building bikes and promoting cycling for a healthier, more sustainable community. The ReCyclery sells everything you need to get started. They also have an affordable rent-a-bike program, making bicycles more accessible to all.

They’ll teach you to ride your bicycle safely and how to do bike maintenance and repairs. The ReCyclery is owned by the community, for the community, and all proceeds are reinvested to grow their positive outreach. Share if you’d like a ReCyclery near you! Special thanks to Cristina Terre, Ann Gray, and Gilmar Arellano for contributing $50 or more on Patreon.

To learn more about The Recyclery, visit their Website or check out their Newsletter.