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Since The Greenfield Group does not focus on profit, it allows us to explore very new business dynamics, The Gifting Economy and The Sharing Economy.

The Gifting Economy:

The Greenfield Group recently became a member of the gift economy. Based on a simple idea of giving what you can, or what you think is deserved, we are trying something new in the internet marketing realm. Since we only devote ourselves to working with companies and individuals who are trying to make the world a better place, compensation should be based off of the benefit we provide.

When we provide your company with a free SEO report, we will let you know areas of your internet presence that can use improvements, as well as how we are capable of helping. Once we find out more about your company, it’s needs, wants, and ability to pay, we can then provide first rate SEO services on a month to month basis.

At the beginning of each month we will provide you with a detailed report of all the work provided, time that was required, and an estimation of what our cheaper competitors would charge for similar work. You can then judge for yourself based off of results and ability to pay what would be the correct amount to pay.

While we emphasize that you cannot expect to see overnight results in internet marketing, we believe that you can balance the expertise, time, and advice given in communications with your budget in an effective manner.

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The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy, or collaborative consumption, involves the sharing of resources to achieve common goals. These companies do not have to be based in a gifting manner, and can often times be profitable companies that find ways to save people money and at the same time, save the world.

There are numerous room sharing, ride sharing, task sharing, and many other types of sharing economy sites out there. For more companies and types of sharing economy sites, read our full list of sharing economy sites.

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