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The Greenfield Group offers a wide array of internet marketing options in a unique fashion. Aside from the many features of search engine optimization you will see below, The Greenfield Group is a new participant in The Gifting Economy, working off of donations seen fit for the work provided. While we offer free work to one nonprofit per week, we also offer work in this Gifting Economy fashion to environmentally oriented companies.

We will personalize each plan for the companies depending on the amount of work needed, and here is a list of the work we are able to perform:

On Site Optimization:

This is the first step websites must get right when trying to optimize their sites and blogs for Google and other search engines. There are some basic back end tags and descriptions that are missing on websites and we can help to not only educate the owner on how to do this themselves, but we can go in and replace these tags for you on the majority of websites.

Off Site Optimization:

There is no specific 1, 2, 3 step process to off-site optimization, but this generally refers to contacting other websites or having other companies link back to your site. We have some tricks of the trade as well as knowledge of how to create good content that will be easy to share. It is pretty much beneficial in growing your domains authority every time a company or blog in a related field links back to your site.

Social Media Management:

Social media is a beast that is constantly changing. If you are not on top of things, you could currently be wasting a lot of money on Facebook advertising. We stay on top of what is most beneficial for companies, update and create social media pages for companies, share website content, post interesting related information, and constantly expand your following. We can currently work on and create pages for your company on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Linkedin, and others upon request.

Content Management:

Depending on your individual needs, The Greenfield Group can also create content for your website. Content generally refers to blogs, but can also refer to more complex projects we offer such as Infographics. Without good content, it is nearly impossible to effectively promote a website on the internet. Interesting information on topics related to your website, tutorials on using products in your field, or keeping up with general news are just some of the ways we can spend time researching informative blogs that individuals want to read. This is one of the best ways to get websites to link back to your site as well as have fans share your company on social media.

Graphic Artwork:

We also offer some graphic artwork done on Photoshop for companies that need it. We can create basic logos in vector format, headers for websites, flyers for upcoming events, or even more in depth work such as infographics. Want to cut the background out or fade an image to flow better but don’t have the knowledge to do so? Sometimes these are quick fixes that we can perform easily. We generally perform graphic artwork on a case by case basis, but monthly plans can also be negotiated.


Along with the work we provide, we will also provide easy communication and an in depth end of the month report. We make ourselves very available for both email and phone communication. If you are ever in the San Diego area, we can also arrange meetings on your schedule. On the first of every month, your company will receive a full report describing all of the work completed the previous 4 weeks, including the estimated time required to perform each task. You will never question how we spent our time, therefore you can determine the proper “gift” to our company for the work provided.


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