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The Greenfield Group’s sole purpose is to provide beneficial services to environmental companies while using all proceeds to benefit the Earth. Donations and free services to non-profits, funding environmental activism, and practicing green initiatives here at our office in San Diego are just a few of the many ways we put the planet and people in front of profits.

Rob Greenfield’s Environmental Activism

One of the benefits to The Greenfield Group is that it is able to provide funding for the founder’s numerous environmental campaigns. While Rob walks the walk when it comes to living more sustainably and frugally, some of his adventures do require backing and The Greenfield Group is happy to provide funds to raise awareness to important environmental issues. Read more about these adventures and ways Rob gives back.

Green at the Office

The Greenfield Group is committed to green initiatives and we not only talk the talk, but we walk the walk. At the headquarters in San Diego we make sure to:

• We do not create physical products: Since we have transitioned towards solely providing internet marketing services, our consumption is down to only the electricity needed to run a computer.

• We reuse any paper, including all mail and junk mail. We then compost all paper after using it. 

• We ship in post consumer packaging. We reuse all shipping materials that are sent to us.

• We use the least amount of electricity possible. All electronics are off and unplugged when not in use and the office takes advantage of windows rather than electrical lighting and air conditioning.

• We have a garden and grow our food using an aquaponic system just outside and all other food is bought locally.

• Lastly, we buy from sustainable companies. We try to work only with others who are committed to helping the environment.

Green Cleanups

We are committed to keeping the United States clean of trash and run marketing campaigns that guarantee our company will pick up a certain amount of trash. Our first cleanup was a success picking up nearly 300 pounds of trash and our second was nearly as much. Aside from organized cleanups, Rob also makes sure to pick up any piece of trash he sees in San Diego as well as when he is on one of his many adventures.

Check out the link below.

​Tijuana River Estuary 6/24/2012 Click for Pictures

Tijuana River Estuary 4/05/2013 Click to Read More

Green Bulbs:

San Diego’s Free Bulb Exchange – The Greenfield Group has partnered with CALPIRG/Americorps to do a CFL bulb exchange. We have already given out close to 200 energy efficient bulbs around Ocean Beach!

Read more about it Here!

1% For the Planet Member:

Aside from all the actions mentioned above, The Greenfield Group is a proud member of 1% For the Planet, which means we donate a minimum of 1% of our revenues to environmental non-profits. We are happy to say that we donated over 10% of our revenues in 2013, to 1% For the Planet approved non-profits.

Message from the Founder

“I’m a businessman. The strategy of business and money has coursed through my veins since childhood.

Here’s the thing though. I’m no longer in business for the money. I have formed my own unit of currency and that currency is goodness. When my work has a positive impact on another human, animal, or the natural environment, that is a win for me. My success is measured by the health and happiness of others and the purity of the natural environment. There is no hoarding or selfishness with this currency. When I earn it you earn it. When I win the environment wins. When I have success the world sees success.

I used to be a moneyman, with stacks in my drawers and digits in my bank accounts. Now I want to be the money-less man, rich only in experiences, relationships and a wealth of health and happiness. I have learned to make a fair bit of that paper stuff but now I have learned to get by with very little of it. My simple needs are met which has freed me to dedicate my finances to the betterment of our Earth and our race. If it was all about me I’d be set, but it’s not, so business will go on.

I used to do environmental harm, to earn money, to do good with a percentage of it. I realized that’s not a reasonable means of positive change though. So instead I have learned to do good, making money as a byproduct, which I can then plug back into the equation to do even more good.

People and the planet override profit but there is still room for profit. Profit that is a win for all, and that benefits the masses.

I’m the new kind of businessman. From the Earth for the Earth. From the people for the people. This is business for a better world.”



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