Trash Me FAQ

Welcome to the FAQ for Trash Me. Here I cover all of the questions people have been asking so far. Before diving into the questions though I’d like to explain the project in a little more depth to help you understand what I did and why.

For 30 days I wore every single piece of trash that I created while living like the average American. The average American creates 4.5 pounds of trash per day and I aimed to live the lifestyle that results in this. Normally I aim to live a near zero waste lifestyle so this is not a lifestyle that I am accustomed. But for the 30 days I went about life in a manner that is absolutely normal in the USA. I ate, shopped, and consumed like so many of us are accustomed to in this country. Everything about my life was normal and the only difference is I had to wear every piece of trash that I created instead of putting it into a garbage can. Most people never think twice about their trash, once it’s in the garbage can, it’s out of sight, out of mind. Through this project I, along the award-winning filmmakers at Living on One, and Gary Bencheghib, am out to change that by creating an unforgettable and shocking visual of the trash that we create everyday, and inspire us all to drastically reduce our trash.

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The Food Waste Fiasco Tour- San Diego, LA, London, & Toronto

I’m very excited to announce that I was invited to do a TEDx talk at the TEDxTeen event in London in January. At first I was unsure if the environmental impact of the flight was worthy but after some thinking I decided that I can make it worth it. There were no direct flights so I have decided to spend some time in each of the cities I am passing through to pass on some inspiration. In each city I’ll be presenting The Food Waste Fiasco and discussing how you can work to end hunger and food waste in your city. For the entire week l I will be at the service of the people in the cities I visit so please contact me if you’d like to do some good together. I’ll have a little free time in each city and would love to get together.

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Welcome to my Tiny House! (video)

Welcome to my Tiny House!
Here is the first video of many to come from my off the grid, in the city, tiny house adventure. I’ve moved in and life is about to get real sweet. Well, it’s already sweet, but even sweeter now!

I just moved in a few days ago so a lot of work is sure to come, but soon I’ll be growing food, harvesting rain water, cooking with a rocket stove, powering up with solar panels, composting to create healthy soil, and using a compost toilet. I have no bills and no debt and will be living the good life in this 50 square foot tiny home! Simple living in the city!

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Walnut Burger

Walnut Burgers!

Unique and delicious Walnut Burgers have recently joined the 1% for the Planet team! Walnut Burgers are a great vegetarian and healthy alternative to one of America’s classics. We at The Greenfield Group are friends with the Jenkin’s family and highly suggest trying this burger out. We have have personally had these nutty dishes a few times and think they taste great.

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Social Media Websites

Best Places to Share Content Online

After failing to find a simple list of content sharing sites, we decided to compile one ourselves. As an internet marketer, you are always trying to find the best places to share new content. There are specific niches for each blog, and those niches should be researched in-depth. Below we compiled a general list of places to post, no specific topic really needed.

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Managing Your Facebook Business Page

As an internet marketer, it is likely you will hear the question “what is my login for my Facebook page?”. It is also likely that will spend the next few minutes explaining to them how there is no login, but rather managers of specific pages.

Instead of logging into your business pages directly, you log into your personal Facebook profile that was previously made a manager.

Setting up a new business is fairly straight forward now, and easy to make admins. You can add as many admins as you would like, as well as be the admin on many different pages. Just follow the instructions found HERE. Most internet marketers actually prefer this method to the method Twitter uses, which you must log in to each account separately. Life is made a lot easier when you are managing a dozen company’s accounts.

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in house vs outsourcing

In-House SEO vs Outsourcing? Internet Marketing Options

In today’s technological world, just about every type of business should have a strong online presence. “Online presence” can man a variety of different things to different people and businesses. This is when you must decide, “should I do my search engine optimization in-house or hire a consultant?”

This question is not specifically an easy one to answer, unless you are personally an internet marketer. Assuming you do not know the inns and outs of online advertising and marketing, these are some of the important factors you should consider:

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