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The Greenfield Group was founded in September of 2011 by Rob Greenfield with a very specific message in mind – help businesses advertise their services in an environmentally friendly manner. Located in the beach side neighborhood of Ocean Beach in San Diego, California, The Greenfield Group began by offering hotel marketing with a carbon negative footprint, including room key cards, front desk displays, and numerous other options.

Since slowly changing its business plan to create entirely zero waste and only promote environmentally oriented companies, The Greenfield Group now offers internet marketing to those wishing to partake in the gifting economy.

Some companies doing the most good can’t quite afford monthly internet marketing and search optimization contracts, so aside from being participants in the gifting economy, we also offer free work and insider tips to one non-profit per week!

Leading by example, owner Rob Greenfield has set The Greenfield Group on a course for environmental awareness. The Greenfield Group has been involved in providing funding for the founder’s environmental activities, free CFL light bulb exchanges, trash cleanups and nearly all of the remaining profits get donated to environmental causes. Through hotel keycard advertising and internet marketing, The Greenfield Group is able to be a 1% for the planet member, sustain a carbon negative footprint, and provide free services to companies and individuals alike. Motivated to do good in the world, The Greenfield Group is Using Business for Good.

Recently The Greenfield Group, along with Rob Greenfield, have been working on promoting the do good social media site, Goodfluence. They hope to help individuals use Goodfluence to empower themselves to build a community that allows them to easily influence and inspire others to Do Good.


Rob Greenfield

Rob Greenfield

Rob’s purpose in life, to inspire a happier, healthier Earth, is very simple but it is not always easy. He leads by example always aiming to influence others to live in a manner that is beneficial for our Earth, our communities, and ourselves.

Rob is known for his numerous adventures for the planetenvironmental activism campaigns, and his giving to create positive change in the United States.

He is the founder of The Greenfield Group, an inspirational writer and speaker, world traveler, and ambassador for 1% for the Planet. Be sure to read more about Rob’s business goals.

Sean Aranda

Sean Aranda

Sean has been the Operations Manager for The Greenfield Group since 2012, and met Rob on a trip to Israel in 2010. In charge of the day to day management of the company, Sean is the individual behind the internet marketing and general customer relations.

Sean’s expertise lies within social media management, graphic artwork on Photoshop, content management, and some back-end website optimization. When not working with The Greenfield Group, Sean’s passions include cycling, liberty minded politics, and free market economics – sparingly contributing to an Austrian economic blog.


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  • Brian Dempsey March 20, 2016   Reply →

    When you were in Palestine I trust you were working against Israeli apartheid.

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