Rob Greenfield 1 Percent for the Planet


4,700 miles, and 104 days of living an extremely conscious and low-impact lifestyle have brought me to Waitsfield, Vermont. My life will never be the same after immersing myself this deeply into sustainability. The knowledge and experience I have gained on this journey is so great that I will not fully grasp it for years to come. 

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Rob Greenfield Vermont

Why wait for heaven when you can go to Vermont right now: Days 102-103

07/30 (Day 102)

I decided to spend the day in Quechee and stay another night. I only had 70 miles to go but wasn’t scheduled to arrive in Waitsfield until August 1st so I had time to kill. The morning was a relaxing one and I felt great after a solid nights rest. I spent most of the day at the house writing, playing with the camera, talking to David and then left the house around 3:00.

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