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Water: How I Cycled 4700 Miles Using Only 160 Gallons

I crossed the United States by bicycle using only 160 gallons of water and almost every last drop came from natural sources or water that was going to waste. That is less than 2 gallons per day. Actually, that is an understatement. 3,000 miles would have gotten me across the country, but I rode 4,700 miles on 160 gallons of water. I crossed the United States without turning on a faucet on the grid, without taking a shower, without washing my clothes in a washing machine, without using a toilet, and without washing my hands in a sink. I practiced water conservation to the extreme for the first 4,100 miles until I arrived in NYC and at that point, since I had officially crossed the country, I lightened up a bit, but just a little bit (as in I started to use the occasional toilet and a turned on a few faucets).

Here’s the story of my water usage.

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Do Good: Day 23

Do you know what sustainability means? Yes, no, kind of? It’s a big word but guess what, it doesn’t really matter exactly what it means. What does matter is that each one of us wakes up each morning and says to ourselves, “I’m going to do good today. I’m going to do good and I’m going to be good.” Just like the piece of paper in this photo, it is that simple. Others will see you doing good and it will inspire them to do good and be good too. Doing good is the new being cool!

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