The Seabin

You’ve heard of the Seabin, right? It’s this amazing bin that sucks trash right out of the ocean! It works just like a fish tank filter. It sucks in floating trash, oil, and other waste into a reusable bag that can be pulled out and the trash can be thrown away.

The Seabin hit the internet like a storm! Receiving hundreds of millions of views online, and they crowdfunded over $250,000 to bring the product to market. The Seabin is now in Marinas across the world, and good news, it’s working! But amazingly, the founders have said their product is not the solution; their mission is “to live in a world where we don’t need Seabins.” Education is the real solution if we’ll ever achieve trash free oceans. Cool technology won’t ever solve the problem if WE won’t stop being the problem.
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To learn more about the Seabin, visit their Website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.