Sandhill Crane: Day 55

06/13 (Day 55)

I was up at 4:30 AM and started my day with a stunning sunrise as I pedaled over to the Monona Terrace. ABC channel 27 was meeting me there to air story on the Wake up Wisconsin morning show. I wasn’t exactly excited to be up at that time but it was worth it in my mind to spread some inspiration to the Madison area. We were shooting live with the capital building in the backdrop but the equipment wasn’t getting signal so we missed the first segment at 5:50. We moved closer to the lake for the 6:25 and had more technical difficulties. The third attempt we ended up in a much less ideal spot with noisy traffic and this time the signal was working. Besides the fact that I was drowned out by the traffic I was happy with the story that aired. Here is a link:

My friend Sherri, a producer at the station, met me at the park and it was great to catch up with her. By 8:00 I was on the road and it was a beyond gorgeous day and an easy morning of pedaling. Green land, blue sky, and an orange sun guided me eastward. I was surprised at just how beautiful eastern Wisconsin was. I lived in this state for 23 years and in this short week of biking through Wisconsin I saw a lot of new places and gained new experiences in my homeland. I rode over bridges spanning across beautiful rivers and was tempted to swim in every single one of them. Turtles were out and about looking for good spots to drop their eggs. I found one turtle that I think was a hog nose soft shelled turtle laying her eggs on the side of the road. They like the soft gravel on the shoulders and often use them as nests. This is not ideal though as it results in a lot of turtles getting run over. I also came upon a cool snapping turtle that I spent time playing with in someone’s yard. Cottonwood seeds in their big fluffy seedpods drifted through the air like snow in December. It was magical to say the least.

At one point I accidentally headed south 6 miles off my route making for a 12-mile detour but I was grateful for this as I found this road kill Sandhill Crane you see pictured. It saddened me to see it but I was grateful to have the chance to get up close to a bird this magnificent and to share it with my readers. It is a shame that creatures like this die needlessly on the roadside every day. For me the experience was a reminder to be courteous and respectful to all creatures and I hope it will serve as a reminder for others as well. 

Fifteen miles west of Milwaukee I picked up a bike path that led me through beautiful green forests all the way to Waukesha. Once I hit the populated area it was another close to two hours of maneuvering through traffic and bumpy roads to get into Milwaukee. I was greeted by three great friends and even though I was exhausted after a long day managed to spend some quality time with them.

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