Rooftop Farming

Welcome to the world’s largest soil rooftop farm. It covers 2.5 acres on two rooftops in New York City. That’s about two football fields of space! The farmers harvest 50,000 pounds of food every year and sell the produce locally at farmers markets, restaurants, and through a CSA.

Brooklyn Grange produces dozens of crops each season. A wide variety of leafy greens, 40 varieties of tomatoes, carrots, beets, beans, and more! They even have 30 honey bee hives on roofs around the city. They follow organic principles for all their crops. New York CIty has 14,000 acres of unused rooftop space and could produce over 280 million pounds of produce on that space each year. Reducing fossil fuel usage and cleaning the cities air and water while producing healthy food! Brooklyn Grange is leading the way to a more sustainable and healthy NYC.
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