Simple Tip to Find Ripe Berry Trees

Hey everyone! I am cycling across the United States right now and I just had to share this incredible tip with you that has given me so many beautiful days.

And the tip is, how to find a ripe berry tree. So, the thing is, you don’t look up. You look down! On the road, you’ll see dropped berries. Dropped berries mean the tree is ripe! So you see that as you’re biking or as you’re walking, and then you head to the tree. And sure enough, here you’ve got a white mulberry tree that’s just full of berries. And then you just go to town. And from this one tree alone, you can fill your entire stomach with berries. Completely free. And the thing is, I could just sit here for an hour and not even make a dent! And the thing is, when you see them like that on the ground, you know they were going to waste, so you know you’re not taking someone’s berries. This right here is the good life. I invite you to share this with your friends, get outside, and do some wild foraging.