Peace Academy Costa Rica

Welcome to the Peace Academy, a K-12 school that creates change-makers and ambassadors of peace. They are part of the growing need for alternative and flexible education.

At the Peace Academy classes are small, with a maximum size of 8 students. These classes are hands on and cater to each student’s learning style and pace. They focus on creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving character building, and skills that apply to the real world, such as culinary arts and digital literacy. They have physical education every day, practice yoga during school, and go on field trips every week. The campus is small, so they can immerse in their community. They use the public library, local theater, and community center to keep unnecessary tuition prices down. The Peace Academy is great for families who don’t feel comfortable with traditional schools, such as world schoolers, home schoolers, and unschoolers. Students are taught that it is possible to make positive change in the world and the school is accredited to prepare students for university.

To learn more about Peace Academy, visit their Website and follow them on Facebook.