Neat-os Reusable Bags

Quite a few of you have asked about the reusable bags that I store food in.

They are called Neat-os! They are a very small company owned by a friend of mine, and they are made in the USA. I’ve used Neat-os since my first bike ride across the USA in 2013.

These are a great tool for shopping package free and reducing the amount of trash that I make. Whether it’s these bags, or something else, it’s an absolute must for me to have my refillable containers. Besides the environmental benefit, this also helps me to eat whole foods rather than packaged and processed food, which tend to be less healthy than whole foods. Bulk foods also save me a lot of money, as they tend to be far cheaper than packaged, processed foods. Using reusable bags like this can help prevent thousands of plastic bags and packaging from being created. Most of us are using reusable shopping bags already, but many of us can step up our game in reducing packaged foods. 

Currently, I mostly use them for storing food in the freezer. At the moment, I’ve got Surinam cherry, starfruit, sapodilla, yuca and roselle stored them in them. Before this project when I shopped at the grocery store, they made great bulk bags for filling up dried goods like grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. They also serve as a great on-the-go containers for sandwiches and snacks. They have a see-through front, so you can easily see what’s inside and they are very easy to wash. They are not airtight however, so I use jars for things that I am doing long-term storage in. I’ve also broken a few, but I am extremely rough on my stuff, and I think they would hold up to the average person’s use just fine!

They don’t currently have a website and the only way to purchase them is through Amazon. I don’t typically like to link to Amazon, but since this is the only option, here is the link to purchase them.

I’d also like to say, although these are wonderful, they are not the only great product on the market. Some online shops where you can find other great options include Life Without Plastic, Package Free Shop, Zero Waste Store and many more. Most food co-ops and many grocery stores also will have them for sale. With some creativity you can make your own bags and containers for much cheaper and with repurposed materials. But these certainly are convenient and work well!




Currently in my freezer:


Storing dried goods I purchased at the local food co-op (photo from 2013):


Current photos by Sierra Ford Photography