Multitasking and Sustainability Tips: Day 22

05/11 (Day 22)

The fight for a healthier planet stepped up a notch today! I picked up a headset with a microphone in Salt Lake City and have turned my bamboo bike into a mobile office of doing good. I strive to make it the most productive office on pedal powered wheels in the USA from now until I reach the 1% for the Planet headquarters in Vermont on August 1st. I can now talk with sustainable non-profits and business, brainstorm with peers, inspire friends and family, and make arrangements for gatherings and parties along the route as I pedal. Also I’ve loaded up my iPhone with sustainability podcasts to increase my knowledge during my “down time.” I of course will be sharing this knowledge with anyone wanting to learn how to live a more earth friendly lifestyle.

The purpose of this crazy adventure is to inspire and teach others to live a happier healthier life and in turn lead a life that is more earth friendly. A life with less consumption, less waste, and less usage of valuable resources. A life with more health, more happiness, more physical activity, more time in the outdoors, and more nutritional wholesome food. A life with community, with sharing, with giving back, and with love and friendship. A life that makes the planet smile as well as the people around you!

The 75 miles I pedaled through the eastern Utah high desert today flew by as I chatted away on the phone brainstorming ideas of how to help others live a more sustainable lifestyle. I talked to friends and family and everyone is so excited about this adventure. People are inspired and I am excited about that. The sun beat down on me fiercely all day on highway 40. In the morning I swam in the cold Starvation Reservoir and purified my drinking water for the day. This stretch of Highway 40 will be remembered as “The Highway of Death” for me. The roadside was scattered with dead animals including a hawk, horse, dozens of rotting deer, dogs, groundhogs and birds. I’ve never seen so much death in one day. The shoulder was narrow and there was minimal room for error on my part at times with cars flying by just feet from my side. I can’t say it was the most enjoyable stretch of highway yet but the time passed so quickly with all the inspirational conversation I was having.

I arrived in Vernal, Utah around 7:30 with a solid hour of daylight left. I am staying with a host from, which is a community for touring cyclists and hosts. Sometimes the host has a room for you, sometimes a couch, and sometimes just a yard for you to came in. Patrick has a cozy little home and it is splendid to sit in his living room in a comfortable chair as I write. Brent and Patrick are in the kitchen sharing a spaghetti dinner telling stories of adventure. A perfect stranger is now a good friend who is sharing his life, his food, and his home with us. We live in a wonderful country with so much to offer.

So are you inspired to live a more earth friendly life? Do you want to get involved? Here are a few ways you can get started that take minimal effort but will make a big difference A $ sign means you will actually be saving yourself money at the same time!

-Conserve water- Turn off the faucet when you are brushing your teeth. Be conscious of how much you are using when washing dishes. Put a bottle of sand in your toilet tank and you will flush that amount less down the drain each time. In general just be conscious with your usage. $

-Conserve electricity. Turn off things when you are not using them. Unplug appliances when not in use. Switch from incandescent bulbs to energy saving CFL or LED bulbs. You will reduce your footprint immediately and make your money back in less than a year with CF or LEDL bulbs. $

-Don’t use anything that is one time use. This includes napkins, disposable razors, water bottles, single serve packaged food, and plastic grocery bags. Use washable rags instead of napkins. Use a reusable grocery bag rather than plastic bags. Bring your own water bottle rather than buying bottled water. Does it really make sense to use something one time and then send it to a landfill where it will sit for decades? $

-Bike or walk instead of drive. You’ll be healthier, reduce consumption of fossil fuels, and save money. Not to mention it’s pretty hard not to smile when you are on a bike. $

-Shop local and buy unpackaged food whenever possible. Buy fruits and vegetables and eat less meat. Buy bulk grains, nuts, cereals, etc. Bring your own bags to the store. This could save you $

-Donate to sustainable causes that will put your money to good use and if you own a business join 1% for the Planet.

Those are just a few things for now. It’s all easy stuff but if we all do it we can make the earth a drastically better place over night. Tell your friends and inspire others. They’ll be happy you did!

This adventure is now a book! Dude Making a Difference is the exciting and inspirational story of my bike ride across the USA on a bamboo bike. Go to to get a copy or learn more about it. 100% of my proceeds are donated to environmental grassroots nonprofits!