I vow to donate 100% of my media earnings to the earth

With some big announcements to come soon, I could easily begin coasting through life right now. This year I’m working on a documentary, publishing a book, and I’m also in talks with multiple networks about a TV show. Rather than coast though I am leading by example more than ever before. I’m not in this for the money or the fame. I’m in it to create a just world full of happiness, health, and equality for all. So I’ve vowed to donate 100% of my earnings to happiness, health, and freedom for all.

My mission is to create more health and happiness on the earth, and I don’t really find it fair to make a financial profit off this. Health and happiness should be free. Who am I to charge money for these things? Health and happiness should be pure. All too often when you add money into the mixture it mucks up the purity. Even if it doesn’t, it’s hard to tell if a person’s motives are pure when they are making a financial profit from their actions, no matter how much good they are doing. I want my work to be pure and I want to hold myself accountable. The earth has seen its fair share of people with good intentions lose their balance when they got their hands on loads of money. That’s not going to happen to me.

This 100% of my media earnings includes anything I am paid to do such as TV shows, documentaries, books, appearances, etc., that involves spreading my mission. I won’t be getting financially wealthy off of my mission. The money will be donated to nonprofits as well as activists and grassroots efforts that are fighting for a better world. Rather than have the money go through my hands I’ll have it donated directly to the cause so the money will affect my mind as little as possible.

I would like to donate 100% but I do need to support myself, and rather than having a separate job that would take away my time from bettering the earth, I think it makes sense to allow myself up to 10% for my personal needs. I have simplified my life to a large extent and aim to live in the service of others so I can live off a very small amount of money. I currently have no bills or debt and have everything I need.

Update 07/18/16: I’ve now committed to donating 100% of my media income. See my updated vows.

I want to be a part of a society that is more about giving to one another than hoarding for ourselves. This is my way of being the change that I wish to see. I know that most people in their current situation cannot give 100% of their income away, my example is extreme. However, many people could give more to each other and to good causes than they currently are, even if it’s just 1%. For businesses, I recommend joining One Percent for the Planet. For individuals, I recommend finding an environmental or social nonprofit that you can get involved with and donate your time and money to them. Here are some nonprofits I highly recommend. Please practice due diligence to make sure they are using your money wisely. I recommend small grassroots nonprofits. All of the One Percent for the Planet nonprofits are legit. I have been a 1% for the Planet member for 3 years and an ambassador to them for 2 years now, and greatly admire and respect everything they do.

I have just begun my involvement with the entertainment industry and I’ve managed to raise a little bit of money through it so far. Below is the money I have been able to raise. To practice full transparency this will be updated with all money that is paid to me for my work.

I’ve also come up with a means to deliver more money to causes through my involvement in the media. A lot of money is spent by media outlets for things like travel, hotels, and food. They tend to opt for more luxurious means then I would. I’ve decided to get by on less than they offer me, and in doing so I ask them to donate the money I save them to a nonprofit. I’ve had a few opportunities to do this so far and it has been a success. When I went to London to promote Tethered I saved them $2,000 by flying economy instead of a bigger seat, staying with a friend rather than at the $600/night hotel, and taking public transportation rather than being picked up. We donated that to FeedBack who used it to rescue food that would have gone to waste and get it to people in need instead.

See PDF with clickable links with more information here.


Update 12/19/15

Dude Making a Difference was published this month and 100% of my proceeds are being donated to nonprofits. Learn more here!

-I’ve finished filming Free Ride with Discovery Networks International and 100% of my proceeds are being donated to nonprofits. The show will air in spring/ summer of 2016.

Update 07/18/16

I’ve now committed to donating 100% of my media income. See my updated vows.