Managing Your Facebook Business Page

As an internet marketer, it is likely you will hear the question “what is my login for my Facebook page?”. It is also likely that will spend the next few minutes explaining to them how there is no login, but rather managers of specific pages.

Instead of logging into your business pages directly, you log into your personal Facebook profile that was previously made a manager.

Setting up a new business is fairly straight forward now, and easy to make admins. You can add as many admins as you would like, as well as be the admin on many different pages. Just follow the instructions found HERE. Most internet marketers actually prefer this method to the method Twitter uses, which you must log in to each account separately. Life is made a lot easier when you are managing a dozen company’s accounts.

Now what if you don’t have a Facebook nor want one? I personally do not have a Facebook and was not going to create one just for work. You can use a friends or collegues account, or you can create an account where you will not friend or follow anyone. Facebook highly frowns on making false profiles, but if you currently do not have an account, you aren’t doing much harm by making one with false information. It is either this, or bite the bullet and reconnect with some old high school friends.

Now let’s say you want to manage an account that the owner has completely lost or forgotten any login information, or are working on a page that has not been logged into for a few years. When Facebook Pages for businesses first launched, you had the ability to manage the page without a profile. If one of these is the case, and you cannot log in, you can still claim the business.

After logging into your personal account, go to the Facebook business page in question. Next to “Message” click the settings wheel with dropdown menu. Click on “Is this your business?”

Next, you will be asked to say you are the official representative. Only proceed if you have been given the authority from the business owners. Next, you will be be given the option to have the business number called, which you will receive a pin and claim the page. You have the option to say that the number is incorrect, to which you will have to proceed through their further steps.

This is very important when managing a new clients page, because it may be time consuming and difficult to delete a duplicate profile. You do not want to confuse potential customers by having two different places they can visit, especially if both have reviews.

Feel free to include your input or questions in the comment section below.

[Edit 9/6/2013] After following this claiming page process further, and hearing from individuals, it seems that there are a couple more steps. Though Facebook requires no authorization via phone call or anything else when you set up a page, claiming one is very different.

After verifying your phone number, you will get an email from Facebook. This email will require you to send over a copy of proof of your ownership. You will need to provide either a utility bill, local business license, tax file, Certificate of Formation, or Articles of Incorporation. Though this is a major headache, it is worth the hassle to not have duplicate pages, especially when Facebook does not have any direct contact information to help you troubleshoot.