Spending a Week on the Streets

Today, we fed people on the streets as part of the 21 Gourmet Dumpster Meals project. An older man named Lee asked me why I had a camera and upon my response he told me that, if I really wanted to understand, I had to live on the streets myself. I took him up on the offer and will return to the corner of 16th and Island to meet with him on Christmas day. I’ll live on the streets for a week with just the clothes on my back, ID, and a GoPro. 

Behind the sitting man is Lee’s shopping cart, and just behind the cart is Lee in a black hoody.

To create great change for the human race I believe that I must experience life in the shoes, or lack of shoes, of a diverse range of lifestyles. Until then, I will be working on my current project to bring attention to the flawed food system in the United States, and I think this experience on the streets will provide valuable insight into the issue.