Rob Greenfield Life Goals

Most of Rob Greenfield’s goals aim to help him become a stronger, more compassionate, understanding, and resourceful human and in doing so instill in him the ability to be a positive impact on the world. His alternative, simplicity-based lifestyle allows him the time to pursue his dreams to the fullest extent. This page shows many of his life goals from adventures, to personal challenges, to world travels. However, his inspiration is constantly meandering and you can rest assured that other adventures will show up and some ideas will fade in the light of a new grand idea.

Visit all 7 continents 6 -Just Antarctica to go!
Visit all 50 states of the USA 49 – Just Alaska to go!
Walk in 100+ countries 39
Travel with no money Completed 11/2012
Travel with just passport and clothes on back Completed 01/2014


Personal Challenges
Best to Date
Bike 200 miles in a day 192 miles
Swim 5 miles consecutively 1.5 miles
Run a marathon (26.2 miles) 22 miles
Fast for 3 days 1 day
Spend 1 month in pure solitude 2 days
Spend 1 week in silence 24 hours
Adventures and Experiences 
Bike off the grid across AmericaCompleted Summer 2013
Live off food from dumpsters for 1 weekCompleted December 2013
Spend a week on the streets with homeless peopleCompleted December 2013
Fly one way to Panama with only clothes on back and passport Completed January 2014
Bike across America spreading goodCompleted Summer 2014
Live purely on waste for at least one month
Live in a food desert in Urban USA for 1 month to immerse in this issue
Take a Permaculture Design Course
Grow 100% of my own food for 1 year
Canoe the entire Mississipi River living 100% on foraged and hunted food
Survive on a desolate island for 1 month
More Lifetime Adventures to Come
Hike a great trail, possibly the Pacific Crest Trail or Appalachian Trail
Bike the Pacific Coast Highway from Mexico to Canada
Explore the wilds of Alaska
Stand up paddleboard trip of 100+ miles
Extensively travel Africa
Sail around the world
Bike or Drive the north side of the Mediterranean Sea from Portugal to Greece
Wander India and Sri Lanka for six months
Travel overland from the USA to Argentina and take a boat to Antarctica, the final continent
Run across my home state of Wisconsin
Spend one week deep in the Louisiana bayous
Witness a great animal migration in full force
Swim with Whale Sharks