The Adventure Begins: Day 3

We took off from San Francisco on Monday morning around 9:00 AM and headed north to the Golden Gate bridge. The new trailer pulled along nicely and I could tell this new setup would be manageable. Talk about a beautiful day to be cruising over the Golden Gate.

North of the bridge navigation was pretty tough and we spent a good portion of the afternoon making wrong turns. Food consisted of drinking honey straight from the jar and produce I still had left from the Berkeley farmers market. We stopped at a bike store called Mike’s Bikes to get directions and they knew who I was when I walked in the door! From there the roads were navigable and we started to make good time. When we hit hwy 37 we had a fun half hour of dodging thousands of honey bees in the wine country. Towards evening I saw a sign for fresh eggs and stopped in at a farm. Fresh eggs indeed and I cracked them right open into my mouth for some good protein. Matt took us to the garden where I ate kale, chard, and bunching onions straight out of the garden. We hung out with him for a while and ended up setting up a tent right on the farm for the night. Couldn’t have asked for a better situation.

We woke up early and I grazed from the garden and had another 4 raw eggs before hitting the road. We’ve made it 15 miles from the farm and are in downtown Napa right now at 11:15. I made a stop at a local organic market in town here and found some California grown organic avocados and kiwis that I mowed down. It’s about 50 miles to Sacramento from here and I would love to make it there tonight. Not sure if we will though. Will try to check in tomorrow. We are a little over 1% of the way down with the biking! 1% for the Planet

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