Leaky shower water from an online stranger, now real life friend.

07/19 (Day 91) – Drip by Drip Day 3

Today was a “rest” day in New Haven and I enjoyed the heat wave from indoors, which was just about as hot as the out doors if not hotter. Last night before bed I was pouring sweat from my whole body. Everyone else had fans on them but since I am not using electricity for this whole trip I just opened the door next to my room. Bad idea. The room filled with mosquitoes and in my deliriously tired state I woke up slapping myself for the better portion of the night.

When I woke up my sheets were soaking with sweat and I was undoubtedly dehydrated. I drank a glass of raw milk this morning and remembered half way through the glass that I was not supposed to have any liquids other than leaky water for the whole heat wave. So to be honest I wanted to say that I did have a glass of milk. The morning was hot but I still had a bit of water left to savor this morning along with my oranges and whole-wheat bagels. David’s mom went out to water the garden at about 9:00 and told me the hose leaks at the faucet and sure enough it did. In the 5 minutes she watered the garden I was able to collect 1.5 gallons of water! My need for water was solved for the day just like that without even having to go out searching for it.

I spent the morning baking in the guest bedroom catching up on writing for my book. I have been very overwhelmed the last few days since I am quite behind on writing and have had a ton of social media and media to deal with as well. It’s created some anxiety but it is absolutely worth it. Some interesting people have been tweeting and retweeting the Drip by Drip campaign including the EPA WaterSense (@EPAwatersense), Mayor Bloomberg of New York’s sustainability agenda (@plaNYC), United Water (@unitedwater), and the mayor of Danbury, CT (@MayorMark), among others. This put a little pressure on me but then I remembered I just have to keep on doing what I am doing. That’s easy because I like what I am doing.

The afternoon wore on and the sweat continued to pour out. I took breaks from the computer to drink water, and eat oranges and bagels and occasionally some kale from the garden. My solar panels were soaking in the sun today and gave me enough battery life to last the whole day and then some. It’s been very interesting staying in this house because it reminds me greatly of my childhood house. The way bookshelves are piled full of much more than just books and the kitchen full of plants. The board games in the living room were many of the same ones I played as a kid. One time his mom walked down the stairs while I was sitting them and I deeply imagined it was my mom. Even the picture of his grandma on the fridge looks just like my grandma Rose and his mom looks a lot like my aunt Myrna. They are Jewish as am I but David is not practicing just like me. He is Jewish because he was born Jewish and that is it. And remember I just met him last night out front of a Brueger’s Bagels that had a car had just crashed into it. It was literally almost half way through the front doors. He asked me about my solar panel and then asked if I wanted to go swimming with him and his friends. Then offered his place to crash without any hesitation. He is a senior in high school and lives in this big house with just his mom. We were complete strangers yesterday and now roommates for two days.

Later in the afternoon we went to the park down the street and went for a swim and picked out a good spot to meet the news later that day. Fox WTIC contacted me and wanted to come down to do a story on my adventure and told me to pick out the place to meet. I figured I might as well find somewhere beautiful so that the viewers could see some nature for a change. Oh yeah my journey was in the Connecticut Post today too.

I went back to the house and did a few more hours of writing and then headed back to the park to meet the reporter and cameraman. I took a swim in the creek while I was waiting for them to come. I thought to myself “I bet most people don’t go for a swim to freshen up before being interviewed for the news” and chuckled to myself. It went extremely well and it aired on the 10:00 news. After that I hung out in the park and sat on a rock by the lake. A giant snapping turtle swam up the shore near by and we stared each other in the eyes for a solid three minutes. I don’t know if I was in his spot or if he was just checking me out but I was glad to have the beast of a turtle in my presence. It was nice and cool by the lake but when I headed back to the house the sweat started to our out of my body again. It’s hot but I like it. I’m laying in the guest bedroom in the dark of course since I can’t use any electricity and writing. Since I have officially crossed the country off the grid I have lightened up a tiny bit on my rules of water and electricity consumption and food. Only a tiny bit though. I’ll be writing a blog about that soon.

I watched the story on their tiny 12” TV from the 80’s, much like the one I had in my bedroom growing up. It was not enjoyable watching all sorts of junk about murders, and vandalism but I did want to see my story. It was short but it was fun. I think some of the people here might thing I’m a little crazy but I know a larger percentage of people are inspired by what I’m doing. And if 1 out of 10 people think what I’m doing is stupid, 4 don’t care and 5 gain something out of it I’m happy with that.

Back on the road tomorrow. Supposed to be another hot one. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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