This guy wants to turn YOUR POOP into fertilizer!

Jared Criscuolo wants to turn your poop into fertilizer. In 2012, Jared got sick from polluted water while surfing. The water was contaminated with wastewater and runoff from the city. This is a common occurrence in the USA, and Jared set out to be part of the solution to our waste problems.

He started his own fertilizer company, epicycles waste products from other industries to add to the fertilizer, and has tapped into the brewing industry as well. The end product is a 100% safe, dry pellet that is easy to apply. Jared’s goal is to upcycle 3 million pounds of biosolids per year. Most fertilizers involve mining for nutrients, which decimates the land, and they’re shipped around the world, guzzling fossil fuels. Jared’s “future friendly fertilizer” is sourced, made, and sold locally.

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