Looking for interns for RobGreenfield.TV

Shout out to all you people out their who want to make a difference!

We are looking for a video editor and video journalist intern for RobGreenfield.TV!

Adventurer, activist, and dude making a difference Rob Greenfield is looking for help to inspire Americans to practice sustainability and be nice. We have two internship opportunities available and the intern will get to work closely and directly with Rob. These internships are not monetarily paid positions, however they aim to pay greatly in life experience, purpose, and via positive impact on society. We will only hire an intern that we truly believe will receive these benefits that we consider to be much more important than money.

Video Editor Intern creating films for Rob’s YouTube channel.

Together Rob and the intern will create videos to entertain, educate, and inspire viewers. Film topics include sustainability, simple living, organic gardening, and Rob’s adventures and activism that teach important environmental and social issues. The first half dozen or so videos have already been filmed and are ready to start working on. The intern will also be creating videos out of some of Rob’s most popular blogs. Some films will be purely original content and others will involve finding content online to fit the project. Occasionally, some filming will need to be done so that ideally, the intern has some filming experience as well. A Canon 5D Mark ii as well as a GoPro Hero 3 are available to the intern if they are located in San Diego.

Video Journalist Intern covering stories relating to sustainability in San Diego

The intern will cover about one story per week, and will be in charge of filming as well as editing. Stories will be provided by Rob, but he encourages the intern to find stories that they’d like to cover as well. The intern will be conducting interviews and covering stories Rob feels passionate about. At times, Rob will be there as well directing the story, and working on the filming. A Canon 5D Mark ii as well as a GoPro Hero 3 are available to the intern. Some examples of stories that the intern will be covering are Food Rescue with Feeding America, a community garden in Ocean Beach, Blue Dot Refill which is a bulk refill soap shop, as well as some of Rob’s environmental activism campaigns.

Other Opportunities
Do you have an idea of how you want to help spread good with Rob? We are primarily focusing on expanding work through video right now, but are interested in freelance writers and photography for the blog as well. Actually we are open to hearing any idea you have on working with Rob. Reach out to us!

Please email us here to get in touch with Rob!

More information:

Rob has a good-sized online following with over 30,000 Twitter followers, a very engaged Facebook page, and a YouTube channel which generates a minimum 3,000 views per video. (This current project aims to drastically increase his positive impact through YouTube and if successful, it will mean great resume statistics for the intern. His popular blogs get between 20,000 – 40,000 views on his website. We mention this just so the intern will know that their stories will definitely not go unnoticed, but there is still a great opportunity to help the messages grow!

Rob is the founder of the marketing company, The Greenfield Group and the non-profit, Happy, Healthy, and Free so the internship can be listed as either for a business or non-profit. Since the individual will get to work closely with Rob, anyone interested in sustainable living, activism, or following their dream, stands to personally benefit from the internship.

About Rob Greenfield: Rob Greenfield is an adventurer, entertainer, and activist whose travels have taken him all over the world, but he focuses his energy on issues here at home in the United States. Rob’s adventures have been featured worldwide on The Discovery ChannelBBCHuffington Post, and LA Times to name a few outlets. His aim is to raise awareness about serious issues in an entertaining and educational manner. Learn everything you need to know about him at RobGreeenfield.TV