House Guide to Sustainable, Simple, and Healthy Living

This is my house guide to sustainable, simple, and healthy living. These practices are good for earth, community, and you and create health and happiness for all humans and creatures. I hope that many of you will learn from this guide and adapt some new practices into your life.

Around the House

-Minimal waste. reduce- reuse- recycle (in that order) Minimize trash and recycling, compost

-Conserve electricity. Turn off. Unplug. Use natural light. We use LED bulbs.

-Conserve Water. Be Conscious. Use only what we need. If it’s yellow let it mellow.

-Avoid one-time use items (napkins, paper towels, garbage bags, tin foil, shrink wrap…)

-Plant based foods over animal products

-Natural cleaning products. Natural cosmetics. Natural medicine.

-Minimal plastics in the kitchen. (bags, Tupperware, utensils…)

-Cook on proper cookware. (No Teflon, aluminum, or plastic)

-Grow some of our own food. Try to not let all the veggies die.

-Clothing- wear multiple times, wash less often

-Donate items we no longer need rather than throwing them away

-Drugs and alcohol in moderation if used at all. That includes coffee

Outside the House

-Choose biking, walking, public transport, over car.

-Choose electric powered vehicles over gas powered. Use Car2go car share program!

-Minimize driving when it is not necessary.

-Shop locally and at responsible businesses

-Be nice to everyone and do good deeds for fellow humans


-To reduce trash- buy unpackaged goods, unpackaged foods, avoid disposable items

-Less is more. The less stuff you have and need the easier it is to live simply and sustainably.

-Share. Share with people in the house and outside the house. -Borrow or trade for items that you will use infrequently rather than having your own.

Basics to ethical, healthy eating

-Eat primarily a plant-based diet (vegetarian, vegan…)

-Veggies, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds

-Locally grown food and shop locally

-Organic and natural when possible

-Whole foods

-Unpackaged foods

-Use reusable bags for shopping