Hitting my Limits: Day 35

05/24 (Day 35)


Well it was a pretty good night of sleep. I stayed up until 1:00 writing and I was exhausted when I went to bed. I could have gone to sleep four or five hours earlier. I woke up this morning around 7:15 with the wind howling away and was beyond exhausted. I went outside to go to the bathroom and crawled back into my tent to sleep for another hour before waking up again at 8:30 and amazingly enough was excited for the day. The goal in my mind is to make it 78 miles. The Kansas border is 20 miles east and the wind is coming from the south at 29 mph. Sever thunderstorms are in the forecast but again I am for some reason very excited for the day. The weatherman is telling me it is supposed to be hot, maybe 85 degrees, but I’m not sure if that will be noticeable with the wind blasting. Every pedal will get me a little bit further. Every 600 or so pedals will get me another mile.


The afternoon was quite pleasant. I pedaled 30 miles with the 30 mph winds coming at me from the south and all was going well. I was steadily cruising along at about 13 mph. In St. Francis I found a shady creek to cool my hot body off and it was absolutely wonderful. I realized I need to start taking more time to relax and give my body and mind a chance to recuperate. I looked for some local food in town and had zero success so I dug through the trash and found cinnamon candy popcorn and some pizza. It went down just fine at the time but leaving town I could tell it wasn’t settling right.


Rob Greenfield

Photo by: Brent Martin


When I left town the wind had picked up and the road headed a bit south into the wind. On top of that I was climbing hills. Within just a few miles I was on the side of the road puking bright red cinnamon colored liquid. I believe it was because cinnamon is a warming food and my body was already overheated which overwhelmed my system. I knew it was a bad idea to eat it but I did anyway. As I sat there on the roadside fairly miserable the severe thunderstorms that had been forecasted seemed to be drawing closer and I decided to stop in at the farm across the street for rest and shelter. 

I knocked on the door and a real nice lady named Jo answered the door. She welcomed us in and we sat down and got to talking of course. She is part of a co-op with 37 farms in the network that do food deliveries from here to Denver. It was a wonderful experience talking to her and I learned all about the food they produce. I got a bunch of local jams and jellies that she made as well. The rain didn’t come but the night was on the way so I decided to call it a night and crash out under her carport. They have a well that pumps ground water via a windmill so I had no shortage of water for the night. I tried guzzling water all night but puked it all up. I also tried eating some bread but couldn’t hold that down. I’m so thirsty and this stomach issue is dehydrating me like crazy. It’s partially my fault as I should be sipping water but instead I keep gulping down more than my stomach can handle. I had an insatiable thirst all day long too even though I was drinking loads of water. 

Rob Greenfield Puking

Not feeling so hot
Photo by: Brent Martin

Even in this miserable state I wrote my blog for yesterday and got it posted online. I realize though that I just have not been taking care of my body properly and it is catching up on me. After long hard days of biking I stay up late writing and emailing and doing social media. Often I bike 70 miles retire just after dark then have to cook over a fire and then spend a few hours on the computer. My days have been 16 hours long and I’ve finally hit my limits. I thought Kansas was going to be the easy part and I was past the big challenges but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’m doing horrible right now, just absolutely horrible. My whole body has shivers running down it. I don’t know if I’m cold or if I’m hot. I’m extremely dehydrated. I just went pee and only an ounce of bright yellow pee came out. I barely even had the energy to blow up my sleeping pad. My whole body is so sore. I’m happy that this happened though because now I realize I need to change my focus to taking care of my body. I’m going to slow down a little bit and rather than being determined at solely accomplishing the mission focus on enjoyment and treating my body right. Finding local organic food has been such a challenge and it’s been hard since I am used to eating such a well-balanced nutritious diet. 

I’ve got another 500 miles with this wind to Kansas City and at this point I feel like it could end up being one of the biggest challenges of my entire life. Touring on a bike is one thing but doing it with all of these rigorous off the grid rules, keeping on top of social media, and writing a book is a whole different story. The biking is probably not even half the battle.

I’m under this carport now and I’m just watching this thing shake like crazy under the 30 mph wind. It’s 9:00 now and it’s still light out and I’m hitting the sack. Hopefully I get a good nights rest and feel all right tomorrow. I might have to buy some non-local food like some bananas or something. Bananas sound so good right now.

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