Happy Healthy and Free Ride

Ever wanted to cycle across the USA? How about on a bamboo bicycle? Nows your chance!

I rode across the country in the summers of 2013 in Off the Grid Across the USA and 2014 in The Goodfluence Tour and both summers were the absolute time of my life. My cycling tours were about much more than just personal enjoyment though. They were to inspire Americans to live more environmentally friendly and to be good to everyone and all creatures. I am certain that I’ll ride across the country again but for now I’m simplifying my life and getting rid of most of my possessions. I love my bamboo bike dearly and was racking my brains with what to do with it. Then I thought why not let the legacy live on!
So I came up with the Happy Healthy and Free Ride. Each year a different person will ride this bike across the country on a mission to affect positive change. The focus is getting more people on bicycles and growing their own food. To me these are two hugely important aspects of living with great happiness, health, and freedom.
I hope that each year one persons dream of cycling across the country on this rad bike can come true, while helping others to live out their dreams too.

So here’s how it works. If this is something you’re crazy passionate about and absolutely want to do then submit an email application through my contact page. I’ll have some friends help me decide on who would best use the bike as a way to spread goodness around the country. Their are a few requirements:

  1. It must be a cross country bike ride across the USA.
  2. The ride must support the mission of the Happy, Healthy, and Free organization which means helping others to grow their own food and get others on bicycles.
  3. You must raise a minimum of $3,000 to use for starting gardens, distributing free seeds, and helping get bicycles to others in need. The funds will go through the 501c3 nonprofit Happy, Healthy, and Free. Much of these funds will be given to you to use on the ride and some will cover the costs of bicycle maintenance and such.
  4. You must be willing to have a lot of fun and enjoy life to the fullest!

You can go solo or make it a group ride. It’s a medium size frame and can fit people about 5’9″ to 5’11”. I’m 5’10” and the bike fits me perfectly. My dream is for this bike to make it across the country every single year. Perhaps I’ll even join in some years. For now let’s just focus on this first ride of 2016 though. Bring your creativity and excitement to the table. This is your time to shine your bright light all over the country!