You, like most people, are likely dreaming about traveling the world and bettering it with your talents. But when funds are short, it’s easy to stall on those plans…

Many people do this by reasoning away their freedom and ability to partake in such change, but Rob Greenfield set out to prove that such a belief should never hold you back.

After hearing about the beauty, purity, and simple living of locals living in Maui, Hawaii, Rob set out to explore and use minimal resources for an entire month!

With $750 in cash, no credit card, passion to “do good”, a small bag of resources to document his journey (cell phone, charger, laptop), and the clothes on his back, he did just that.



During this time, Rob relied on couch-surfing, organic farm-staying (where you volunteer service in exchange for room / board), sleeping on the beaches, and camping in the wilderness to accommodate his presence.


Rob sought to use as little money as possible so that any leftover would be donated to Guitars In The Classroom upon his return.


The ambitious adventurer had faith that he could manage to meet people, benefit the Earth, and enjoy himself during this time period, and he definitely did just that. As shared on his Facebook page, “Hundreds of whales, thousands of waves, and millions of rain drops” left a lasting impression of the special island, as well as the communities that welcomed him and made it that much better.

Do Good:

During this month, Rob helped build two gardens for the YMCA, and learned many new species of plants.

He also helped to create an earth-friendly waste stream for the Source Maui Festival.

And personally, strove to consume as naturally produced and wholesome food as possible, as he is aware that processed, packaged, and chemically-treated food is harmful for the environment and the health of all people.


This adventure took place before Rob’s Off the Grid: Across the USA tour. Although his budget was $750, Rob spent only $633.73 for the entire month, donating $116.27 to Guitars in the Classroom.

Money should never be an obstacle of following your dreams, benefiting others in a positive way, and/or traveling to broaden your perception and gain new relations.