Guitars in the Classroom

Music programs are being cut in schools across the USA and students are missing out on the development of important skills like creativity and critical thinking. A nonprofit called Guitars in the Classroom (GITC) has come to the rescue for many of these schools.

Founded by Jessica Baron in 1998, the Guitars in the Classroom organization has trained over 9,000 teachers to use guitars in their classrooms. The concept is simple. GITC offers free classes that train up to 24 teachers at a time. After just 6-8 short after-school classes, teachers come away confident to use music in their classrooms. But this program isn’t music education as we know it. It’s integrating music across the academic curriculum and embedding lesson content into fun and unforgettable songs. Music has been shown to help students achieve greater understanding, better grades, and higher test scores for all subjects, from English and math to science and social studies. Teachers love the program because it increases engagement and participation, and helps the information to “stick.” This program has even helped struggling schools raise their annual yearly progress (AYP) scores. GITC teachers have already used music in the classroom to teach over 1 million students! Every dollar donated to them provides music integration for two new students for an entire school year.

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