GoSun Stove

This portable solar stove could revolutionize cooking around the world. A vast majority of Americans today cook with gas or electric stoves, both of which ultimately burn fossil fuels in most scenarios. But the GoSun is a solar stove that cooks without fuel.

Instead, it converts sunlight into heat. You can roast juicy vegetables, bake delicious bread, or even brew coffee or purify water. The stove can reach temperatures up to 550℉, even on cloudy days or in freezing conditions. Meals cook in as little as 20 minutes without costing a penny or burning an ounce of fuel. The company’s mission is broader than just Western cooking though. Over 3 billion people use wood and solid fuels that can create toxic smoke, killing nearly 2 million people per year from indoor cooking fires. The GoSun can provide safe, clean cooking for them, and they are doing this through the Global Alliance For Clean Cookstoves. Over 10,000 people are already using the Gosun.

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