Gardens for Single Moms

50 million American are food insecure. This means that even with the US being one of the wealthiest nations on Earth, a staggering number of people simply don’t have enough to eat… And one of the hardest hit populations are single parents and their children.

None of us can change the world and none of us can end hunger alone, but we can change the world of a few people in our community and create a positive ripple from there. That’s why we’ve started Gardens for Single Moms.

The mission of Gardens for Single Moms is very simple, to help single moms to grow their own organic, healthy food for their families. Single parents are often short on time and resources to build and maintain their own gardens and our mission is to help them get started and teach them how to sustainably grow food. We will take a portion of their unused lawn and turn it into an abundant garden with healthy veggies, healing herbs, bountiful fruit trees and fragrant flowers. Through permaculture principles we will design gardens that take minimal maintenance yet provide great yield, to make sure busy moms can handle the garden.

Through the help of volunteers in the community, we will install the gardens and then maintain them for the first season until they are established and easier to take care of. Community volunteer days will allow us to put hundreds of hours of work into establishing each garden. During the first season we will spend a couple hours each week in the garden with the family to teach them how to grow and harvest their own food. We will also host a few community potlucks and cooking classes to bring the families together and create a community of support around how to use the food from their own gardens.

The gardens won’t just produce food though. They’ll serve as a calming sanctuary for the family. And they’ll also serve as habitat for beneficial insects like bees and butterflies and native critters. They will produce empowerment, helping families to take their health back from the industrial, globalized food system and put the power into their own hands, right in their own front yards. They will empower moms to provide organic, healthy food to their kids, creating a foundation for their future. They will produce a connection to our food and to the earth that gives us life and help the families to live with more happiness, health and sustainability.

Through Gardens for Single Moms we aim to play a small role in the movement of food freedom. We are starting with five families in Orlando and with success we hope to grow across the nation.


Come Volunteer with Us!

We are looking for volunteers to make Gardens for Single Moms! Volunteers will work in the garden doing tasks such as:
-planting seeds and transplants
-planting fruit trees
-building gardens including moving and laying mulch and compost
-watering the gardens
We are hosting volunteer days twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 AM to 1 PM. We are also looking for volunteers who would like to be more involved and would like to help with daily tasks such as watering and weeding. And we are also looking for someone with a truck or SUV who’d like to volunteer to pick things up when needed. We are open to different ways that you might like to volunteer to make this project a success! Please contact us if you’d like to help in any other way or just come out to a volunteer day and we will talk.

Want to donate supplies to us? Here’s a list of what we need.

Join our Facebook event to let us know you are coming and invite your friends!

Dates: Every Tuesday and Thursday until June 1st

Times: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Location: Gardens for Single Moms HQ at 1310 Osprey Ave, Orlando, Florida 32803. We will go to nearby gardens from there. If you are arriving after 9:00 and we are not there, check the sign by the greenhouse to get the address for the garden where we are working.

Clothing: We will be in the garden doing physical activities including moving mulch and compost, planting seeds, and transplanting plants. Dress appropriately for this. A wide-brimmed sun hat is very helpful.

Physical requirements: Be able to push wheelbarrows, shovel mulch and compost, rake, etc. There is a lot of bending over in the garden. We will be working in the sun. There are also tasks that are less physically demanding, but not at every volunteer day.
What to bring:
Clothes and shoes that you are comfortable working in and comfortable with getting dirty- water, a hat and a snack.

Community service hours are accepted.


Gardens for Single Moms is a grassroots organization led by Rob Greenfield and the Live Like Ally Foundation.
Contact us at [email protected]