At this time, we have reached our limit of 3,000 free seed packs to give out for spring 2019. We will not be sending out any more seed packs until spring of 2020. If you are interested in receiving seeds next year you may sign up to be added to our waiting list. Those on the waiting list will be the first to know when we are ready to send out our next round of seeds.

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We’re so excited that you are going to grow food and share it with your community! This year we are focusing our efforts on helping people who would not otherwise be able to grow their own food and helping people to grow food for their first time. If you qualify to receive a free seed pack, please complete the form below and hit the ‘Submit Order’ button. In order to qualify you must match the following criteria:

-Not be able to otherwise afford or access seeds.


-Grow this food for others without access to healthy home-grown food. This could be as an individual or with an organization.


-Be a first time gardener.


-Commit to sharing some of your food with others.


  • We are focusing our efforts on helping people who would not otherwise be able to grow their own food and helping people to grow food for their first time. (select all that apply)
  • We are a nonprofit working on a limited budget and want to make sure that the seed packets we send out will be used for positive change. Do you commit to planting these seeds?
  • A central focus of the Free Seed Project is sharing. Do you commit to sharing some of the food you grow with others in your community?
  • Our aim is to empower more people to grow their own food. Are you a beginner gardener OR an experienced gardener who commits to helping others to grow food with these seeds. Check one:
  • PLEASE FILL OUT ADDRESS EXACTLY. Any incorrectly written addresses will not be mailed. Seed packets are available for United States addresses only due to the high cost of shipping internationally.
  • We'd love to send you email updates, content and information about what we're doing.
  • Let us know how we can help you be a successful gardener, tell us your plans/ story, or tell us anything you'd like!

In the meantime…

Like the Live Like Ally Facebook page and follow them on Instagram @Live_Like_Ally

Join the Free Seed Project Facebook group to stay up to date and meet other gardeners. We’ve created this Facebook group as a resource to everyone who is taking part in the Free Seed Project. Here you can:
-Ask questions and get answers from experienced gardeners.
-Talk to other people starting gardens with Free Seed Project seeds and find out what’s working and not working from them.
-Post photos of you with your seed pack when you receive it, and updates of your garden as you create it and the food starts to grow.

Read our Free Seed Project Gardening Guide. Here at the Free Seed Project, we don’t want to just give out free seeds. We want to support you to be a successful gardener for yourself and your community. This guide is geared largely towards beginner and first-time gardeners because well, experienced gardeners don’t need our help as much! Our goal with this guide is to get you started successfully and get you past the parts you may be nervous about. We want to empower you and activate you into growing your own food and sharing it with your community.

Click here to learn what is in the 2019 Free Seed Project pack.


Help the Free Seed Project and Get Involved

Send us photos! We’d love to share your story and inspire more people to grow their own food. Please post photos in the Free Seed Project Facebook group and send us photos. You can send photos of you with the seed pack when it arrives in the space you are going to garden, a before and after photo of the garden, and any other photos you’d like! You can send them to [email protected] Use #FreeSeedProject when you are posting online.

Share food with your community. Let’s create a culture of sharing our own home-grown food with each other. One of the most powerful ways to stand up against the big food corporations is to create a strong community of people who can produce their own food!

Save some seed. If you let one or two of each plant go to seed, then you can turn one seed we supplied you, into thousands! One kale plant can yield hundreds of seeds. We don’t provide enough seed for you to start a giant garden in the first year, but if you save seed you can increase the size of your garden each year, without spending any extra money or resources. Soon you could even take on the Free Seed Project role, and give out free seeds to everyone in your community!

Health and happiness to you from Rob Greenfield and the Live Like Ally Foundation!