Food Freedom- A Year of Growing and Foraging 100% of My Food

Announcing my next big project!

For one year I will grow and forage 100% of my food, while living in the urban city of Orlando, Florida. Every single morsel of food, down to the salt, oils, and herbs will come from the land and I will harvest it myself. I will go an entire year without eating food from grocery stores (including the dumpsters), restaurants, or even taking a nibble of chocolate or a sip of tea at a party.

I personally have never met a human who is doing this, even in my travels through rural regions in dozens of countries and nearly every state in the USA. I know they are out there, but because of the far reaches of our globalized food system, they aren’t common. This is my quest to see if it can be done. I am going to struggle, I am sure of this. I won’t have land of my own, which will mean farming unused front yards, guerrilla planting in abandoned lots, foraging for wild plants, and possibly fishing. I will be learning an incredible amount about growing food, wild foraging, food preservation, renewable energy for cooking, utilization of waste and more, and I’ll share much of it with you.

But ultimately this mission really isn’t about my quest to produce 100% of my food. Those who know me, know that I embark on extreme tasks to bring attention to important issues and affect change. Our globalized food system is in crisis and is destroying life on Earth through factory farming of animals, monocrop production of grains, wasting one third of food globally, burning massive amounts of fossil fuels, degradation of soil, and extinction of species. Common sense says this can’t go on forever. Through my journey, I will share how people and communities across the nation are taking back power from Big Ag and gaining food freedom by growing their own food. By taking it to the extreme of 100% my hopes are to inspire people to turn their lawns into gardens, to grow in containers on their balconies, to plant herbs on their windowsill, to start community gardens, to connect with their food, to source food locally, and to share food with their neighbors. We can’t all do 100%, but we can all do a little.

I don’t just want to survive and I don’t want to be a burden on humanity or Earth. Rather, my mission is to produce far more food than I can eat and to share with others in my community and enable hundreds of people to grow their own food. There is already a grow your own food revolution spreading across the nation and I intend to contribute to that movement.

Today begins my six months of preparation. The year will officially start around the beginning of summer. The exact date will be decided based on how the next six months go. If all this wasn’t going to be hard enough, I may be vastly underestimating my addiction to dark chocolate bars. I’m up for the challenge though and I’m excited to have you all along for the ride with me!

UPDATE: The year will start in October or November 2018. Read the May 2018 Update here