Flippin’ pancakes and talking conservation at Patagonia in Santa Cruz.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the fine city of Santa Cruz. I passed the morning with the cheerful crew at Patagonia and was yet again impressed by all they do to make their community a happier, healthier place to live. If you own a business, take a note from this company!

The evening was spent sailing amongst whales, dolphins, and sea lions and then hanging out in the harbor with a couple of people who are working on water quality and bike advocacy projects here in SC.

 Coastal Watershed Council

People Power of Santa Cruz County

Time to get on my bicycle and continue the Do Good Tour down to Monterey. I’m excited to get on the open road and do some camping over the next few days. I plan to take some time off from the electronics over the weekend and be with the nature that I spend so many of my days protecting.

Surround yourself with great people if you want to be great! Your friends tend to rub off on you.